Billiards get Much-Needed Strippers

October 6, 2008

A customization company, JM Billiard, is pimping pool tables now.  You can get them in a variety of shapes, colors, and thank goodness, now with stripper poles!  

Really, the only thing that was missing from pool, in my opinion, was a bunch of hot naked women.  Too many balls touching for my gaming comfort.  Things just felt overcrowded and unbalanced.  Now, JM Billiard’s offers an elegant, oiled, heavily-perfumed solution. 

With a site touting several pool tables designed exclusively for fancy Vegas hotels, JM Billiards is the predictable felt-covered elegance one comes to expect from its hometown of Riverside, CA after even a short while in Los Angeles. 

The tables are all round, but after that, appear to be entirely customizable.  The stripper pole, of course, is the first and best thing to consider.  But don’t neglect a potential fish tank bottom or tacky emblem burned into your felt.