Mantenna – Police Academy Star Charles "Bubba" Smith Passes Away

August 3, 2011
Police Academy star and NFL star Charles "Bubba" Smith passes away, Octomom declares that she’s non-sexual, and Tom Hardy chats about The Dark Knight Rises…the Mantenna strikes fear into the hearts of men!

Football Star and Police Academy Actor Charles "Bubba" Smith Dies

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Charles "Bubba" Smith, All-Pro and Michigan State University football Hall of Famer best know for his lovable role in the Police Academy franchise, was found dead earlier today at his home in Los Angeles. According to law enforcement officials, LAPD officers responded to a 911 call early this afternoon around Baldwin Hills and apparently found Smith dead on arrival. No cause of death has been released as of yet. Smith played nine seasons in the NFL for the Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Colts, and Houston Oilers and eventually spent the twilight of his career portraying Moses Hightower in the goofy ‘80s Police Academy comedies. Bubba was 66 years of age. RIP Bubba Smith.

Octomom Declares She’s Non-Sexual

Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, might like to parade about on the cover of magazines in sexy bikinis, but when it comes to having sex she has absolutely no desire. The mother of 14 is on the cover of the current issue of Steppin’ Out magazine, where she reveals way too much information about her sex life, or rather lack of sex life and drive. She tells the magazine she has not had sex in 12 years and has no desire to get between the sheets any time soon. She says, “I'm the kind of person who can be with a man for years and never touch him. My mind is not wired that way. I don't need that kind of thing. People need sex, but I don't. I have zero sexual interest.” Suleman also says she doesn’t even like getting intimate with herself. “I've never even touched myself in that way. Maybe if I had touched myself things would be different. It's like a trigger food. I never tried it so I don't know what I'm missing.” Nadya says she’d have to be friends with a man for at least five years before going to the next base with him. Sadly Suleman says, “There's probably one man out of 6.6 million in the world for me.” Here’s hoping she finds that lucky guy.

Tom Hardy Talks The Dark Knight Rises

Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Total Film magazine, up-and-coming superstar Tom Hardy sat down to chat about his epic role as Bane in Christopher Nolan’s latest action masterwork The Dark Knight Rises. "I think Bane's f***** cool so I'm really excited to play him," said Hardy. "It's not the guy in Joel Schumacher's film, but it shouldn't disappoint fanboys." Thank the lord. After working with Christopher Nolan on Inception, Hardy seemed like an obvious fit for Rises. His close bond with the director might also be the reasoning behind why Hardy avoided giving any plot information away about the possibility of Bane breaking Batman's back just like in the comic book. "Good lead-in," he said, "but all I can say is that Chris has a plan up his sleeve that's not at all disappointing. And that is a definite choice that's watertight in every respect." Can’t. Wait.

Fighting Cybercrimes is Expensive

Fighting crime isn’t cheap, especially in cyberspace. A new study shows that the cost for businesses fighting cybercrimes is up a staggering 56 percent this year. The “Second Annual Cost of Cyber Crime” study was conducted by the Ponemon Institute and funded by Hewlett-Packard. It surveyed 50 organizations with 700 to 139,000 employees. The results showed that these organizations are paying anywhere from $1.5 million to $36.5 million a year for protection and recovery. Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of Ponemon Institute, said in a statement, “As the sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks increases, so too will the economic consequence. Figuring out how much to invest in security starts with understanding the real cost of cybercrime." Already this year major companies such as Sony PlayStation and PayPal have been the victims of expensive hacking.