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May 20, 2009

Ozzy is suing Tony Iommi, the 10 funniest celebrity stage wipeouts of all time, and Katie Price gets back to's the Mantenna!Source: Hollywood Tuna

Katie Price Gets Back to Work

Katie Price is the Paris Hilton of the United Kingdom. She is famous for being famous. Recently she announced her separation from Australian-born pop star Peter Andre. Now that she’s a single lady, Ms. Price has to get back to work. To pay the bills, Katie pranced down the catwalk for the very first time, modeling lingerie for KP Equestrian at Clothes Show London. [Hollywood Tuna]

Kate Hudson Whores It Up

Kate Hudson has been sighted with Madonna’s sloppy seconds, roid-rager Alex Rodriguez, which means that at this point the two of them are mutually slutty. The sightings occurred at Yankees games, bars, and Hotel ZaZa in Dallas. I mean, if the girl has the balls (no pun intended) to show her face during a ball game (pun intended), then she’s making a statement here. And that statement is: I’m all up in A-Roid’s business like no one’s business, so Madonna and her freaky little manceps better just watch the F out. [Perez Hilton]

The 10 Funniest Celebrity Stage Wipeouts of All Time

There's nothing like seeing a celebrity, seemingly so perfect and almost God-like, fall from their lofty perch. And when it happens on stage, in front of all their fans, it's even better. The always clever (and sometimes cruel) folks at Manofest have taken the best of the best of these famous pratfalls and compiled them for your amusement. Try not to laugh too hard. [Manofest]

Ozzy is Suing Tony Iommi


Source: Jo Hale/Getty Images

Ozzy Osbourne is claiming that guitarist Tony Iommi illegally claimed sole ownership of the band's name, in a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Osbourne is suing Iommi for a 50 percent interest in the "Black Sabbath" trademark, along with a portion of Iommi's profits from use of the name. The Manhattan federal court suit also charges that Osbourne's "signature lead vocals" are largely responsible for the band's "extraordinary success," noting that its popularity plummeted during his absence from 1980 through 1996. [NY Post]

Tone Loc Collapses During Concert

Authorities say that they've figured out why "Wild Thing" rapper Tone Loc recently collapsed during an outdoor concert in north Florida. A spokesman for the Escambia County Sheriff's Department told The Associated Press it appeared Tone Loc collapsed and had a seizure because of overheating. Tone Loc, who was born Anthony Terrell Smith, collapsed early Friday morning at the Capt'n Fun Beach Club. The Pensacola News Journal reports he was taken away in an ambulance. Temperatures were in the low 80s with humidity around 87 percent. Sounds like he wasn’t putting enough Funky Cold Medina in his system. [Breit Bart]

Concept Art for Star Trek

Concept artist extraordinaire James Clyne created some really amazing artwork for the new Star Trek, including images of the bridge of the USS Kelvin, the bridge where Kirk cheated on the Kobayashi Maru, planet Vulcan, and Nero’s Romulan ship. It’s pretty incredible work and thus not surprising that Star Trek turned out as awesome as it did. Now what are the chances we can get our hands on some concept art for the sequel? [Slash Film]

Hulu Coming to the Xbox 360?

Olivia Munn, geek goddess of Attack of the Show, posted an interesting tweet last night. "Just finished promos for hulu/microsoft event I'm doing on june 8!" Just what Hulu/Microsoft event could she be referring to? Seems plausible. Why? Because Hulu on the 360 makes a lot of sense. Quite simply, it's the best internet service you can bring to a TV. Also, Microsoft's Shane Kim admitted months ago that the company was investigating Hulu connectivity on the platform. [CNET]

Police Fall For Fake "No Parking" Signs, Write 200 Real Tickets

A developer in Tarpon Springs, Florida was annoyed by people parking around a popular restaurant, so he installed fake "No Parking" signs. Unfortunately, people got ticketed by real police and now everyone's furious. Seems local developer Mike Bronson didn't like the number of people parking around the Tarpon Turtle Grill and Marina, so he installed 22 fake signs to discourage patrons from street parking. As a result, over the course of two years police wrote some 200 parking tickets which were essentially bogus. [TBO]

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