Somali Pirates vs KGB

January 27, 2011

Somali Pirates Africa's deadly hijackers that made millions by stealing and Murdering take on the KGB Russia's secret police that Killed for over 40 years and were trained by the Spetsnaz WHO IS DEADLIEST?!

KGB weapons:

Short Range:Shoe Knife

Mid Range:AK-74

Long Range:Skorpion SMG 61

Explosive Weapons:Dead Drop Spike


Somali Pirates weapons:

Short Range:Grappling Hook

Mid Range:AK-47

Long Range PKM Machine Gun

Explosive Weapons:RPG-7


Shoe Knife vs Grappling HooK edge:EVEN because both weapons are not really that great and the are both as powerful

AK74 vs AK47 edge - EVEN they are both made by the same person and the are both awesome

PKM Machine Gun vs Skorpion SMG 61 Edge PKM Machine Gun I know the PKM does jam but it is an awesome weapon to kill your opponent with.

RPG-7 vs Dead Drop Spike edge RPG-7 it could do twice as damage as the Dead drop spike or more!!

The Battle Starts in the KGB's base planning to destroy Afghanistan again and the Pirates' boating up to the KGB's dock the Pirates' get in the KGB's base and they shoot a KGB member with a Ak47 and the other KGB agents got alerted and they all got there weapons KGB:3| Somali Pirates:4

A Somali Pirate runs and then he gets shot by a AK74 and then another Pirate comes and shoots a KGB agent in the arm twice with a PKM  and the KGB agent sits down and grunts and then The Pirate shoots the KGB Agent in the head 3 times    Somali Pirate :3 | KGB:2

Then the Pirate run down the stairs and the KGB agent gets around the wall quietly and shoots the Pirate in the head 2 times with his Skorpion   KGB:2 | Somali Pirate:2

The Somali Pirate is behind a KGB agent but the KGB agent didn't know and then he chopped the KGB agent 8 times and he shot him with his AK47 12 times Somali PIrate:1 | KGB:1

The Somali Pirate only has 1 PG-7V with him and 1 RPG-7 then he shoots a KGB agent cut out and then he goes to the cut out then he knew it was a cut out   Somali Pirate:1 | KGB:1

Then the KGB agent jumps out of no where and stabs the Pirate in the leg once and the Pirate grunted and the Pirate saw the Dead Drop Spike and he opened it and all of a sudden BOOOOOOM!!   Somali PIrate:0 | KGB:1  Then the KGB agent walked away


KGB Kills:121

Shoe Knife:6

AK74 : 23

Skorpion SMG 61:68

Dead Drop Spike:24


Somali Pirate Kills:65

Grappling Hook:8





Suckiest Weapon:RPG-7 shooting a cut out with 2 kills

Best Weapon:Skorpion SMG 61 with 68 kills


                                            Well thats it folks have a good day