Matt and Ian Pick The Five Funniest UCB Moments

February 22, 2010

Have you ever spotted the elusive Ingret? Check out the top five funniest UCB moments from Matt and Ian, according to--well--Matt and Ian.

1. Ingrets - Ian is a park ranger who gives a nature tour to Matt and his family.  On the tour they come across "Ingrets" which are hot girls in bikinis.

[video] 3345695[/video]


2. Time machine - Matt convinces Ian he has a time machine, but really just rapes him.

[video] 3345692[/video]


3. Runner - A baby is born with the ability to run, the doctors chase him around.

[video] 3345693[/video]


4. Boxer - Ian boxes a horse and Matt plays the referee.

[video] 3345694[/video]


5. Restaurant Training - Matt plays and anal manager who teaches Ian how to set a table.

[video] 3345691[/video]


Honorable Mention - Ass Pennies!

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Ass Pennies
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