Kurt Angle Headbutts His Boss

October 24, 2008

Some people might think Kurt Angle has some anger issues. And whether or not he agrees, this morning he might begrudgingly admit to an unfortunate flare of temper at last night's TNA iMPACT live event in Las Vegas where he ended the night headbutting Mick Foley: the man who that very evening had become a major investor in TNA and, therefore, Kurt's new boss. Woops. Hit the jump for an exclusive interview with Mick Foley.

Check out this clip where Mick discusses the future stars of TNA and click here for the rest of the interview![video]arc:content:spike.com:f0a0d2ca-3a24-4568-bb92-fe8af1106711[/video]

How will Mick Foley change the face of TNA? Only time will tell.