Pfizer Makes Unemployment Really Hard

May 14, 2009

Things are looking up for those down on their luck in the unemployment line. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer is offering a year’s worth of free boners to those who lost their jobs due to the economic crisis.

Pfizer is offering more than 70 medications, including Viagra, free of charge to those that are unemployed and have lost their health insurance. To qualify for the free drugs a person needs to provide a “pink slip” or termination notice dated this year, have been taking the medication for three months or longer, and sign a statement that they are suffering from financial hardship. Pfizer will accept applications for the plan until the end of the year. Those who qualify will receive the medication for themselves and their family for up to a year or until they get health insurance.

The plan was devised by Pfizer employees concerned about people who have lost their health insurance and are struggling to buy their medicines. Pfizer chairman and CEO Jeffrey Kindler says, "with the launch of this initiative, which I am proud to say was proposed by our colleagues, we are doing what we can to ensure that recent loss of employment does not preclude people from managing their health."

Now the unemployed have something else to moan about.

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Source: Trinette Reed/Digital Vision/Getty Images