Hilarity Ensues When Ewoks Get Drunk on The Today Show

October 30, 2009

The Today Show had a segment on Halloween this morning, and a couple of Ewoks made an appearance. Little did Al Roker realize what these Ewoks had in store for his show: getting drunk on vodka, humping everything in sight, and generally causing a scene on live national television.

Scenes like these are rare, and so we must appreciate them when we get the chance. It's not every day Ewoks show up on live television and do the moonwalk. It has since been reported that the two midgets who performed as the Ewoks were, in fact, drunk, which explains a lot.

What has gone unexplained, however, is why the woman dressed up as Darth Vader is such a party pooper. Maybe she was just in character. Whatever her excuse was, she could use a shot of vodka herself.

Source: MSNBC.com