Apache vs Mongol

January 7, 2011

An Apache, the first known American Guerllia Warfare fighters fights a Mongol, the Asian warriors who took over a lot of Asia. Both of these Masters Of The Bow will fight to the death to see who is the DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

(I know I said I would introduce the warriors and all, but after getting dang ads and fake info made me go crazy, so I am not, so sorry...)


The Apache fights with:

Short Range: Tomahawk (Throwing) Axe (3 Tomahawks)

Medium Range: Knifes (5 Knifes)

Long Range: Apache Bow and Arrow

Special Weapon (varied range): War Club

Armor: Small Leather/Ox Hide Shield

Stragety: Guerrilla Warfare


The Mongol Fights Back with:

Short Range: Ild Sword

Medium Range: Glaive Spear

Long Range: Mongol Composite Bow

Special Weapon (varied range): Flanged Mace

Armor: Leather, Helmet

Stragety: Brutality & Speed

Tomahawk vs Ild Sword EDGE: Tomahawk

The Tomahawk can be thrown. Also even though the Mongol has armor to stop it, he is not covered in armor head to toe like a Spartan or Knight, meaning he has open areas to hit. And if the Mongol is close enough, he wont have enough time to react and can get killed.

Knifes vs Glaive EDGE: EVEN

Well...this was odd...but it is even because of the fact that the Apache is well trained with the Knife as Snake Blocker showed us and if he can get past the Glaive, he can stab/throw knifes at the Mongol like theres no tommarow. But that asks the question "CAN the Apache get past the long Glaive?" normally, the Glaive would of gotten the Edge but it can be used from horse, so EVEN!!!

Apache Bow and Arrow vs Mongol Composite Bow EDGE: EVEN

The Mongol Bow is Accurate, the Apache Bow is fast and both can be used from Horseback, but the Mongol bow is pretty awesome, so I have a feeling it will do better...

War Club vs Flanged Mace EDGE: Flanged Mace

The Flanged Mace has MUCH MUCH MUCH more crushing power and it is longer and the few areas the Apache can aim for a kill to the Mongol is the Head, and the Helmet is stopping that from happening.

Small Leather/Ox Hide Shield vs Leather , Helmet EDGE: Leather, Helmet

Every weapon in the Mongols arsenal will destory the Apache's Shield and the Mongol weapons will stop some of the Apache's weapons in its tracks.

Guerrilla Warfare vs Brutality and Speed EDGE: EVEN

If the Apache can sucessfully sneak up on the Mongol, the Mongol wont have enough time to fight back. BUT if he screws up, the Apache will have to fight the might of the Mongols Horses Speed and Mongols strength.



Short Range: Apache

Medium Range: EVEN

Long Range: EVEN

Special Weapon (varied range): Mongol

Armor: Mongol

Stragety: EVEN

(Wow 3 EVEN's...RECORD!!!!!)


It will be a battle of opposites, Stone vs Steel, Speed vs Strength, Leather vs Oxhide Shield. Now lets see who is the DEADLIEST WARRIOR!



-BOTH warriors will be on horseback

-Area: Open Field, very light forest


A Mongol is riding a horse, Bow and Arrow in hand, red in the face because of the fact his brother was killed by a Comanche. (Deadliest Warrior, I know) The Mongol was told the Comanche has red face paint above his face and was rather small. An Apache appears in horseback also, having the exact charecteristics that the Mongol was told about. The Mongol, assuming that the Apache is the Comanche, roars at the Apache. The Apache, in fear, fires an arrow that barely gets near the Horse because of how far they were from each other. The Mongol, even MORE offended, commands his horse to charge toward the Apache Horse. The Apache, realizing the area is too large to hide, commands his horse to charge as well.

The Mongol fires an arrow at the Apache, hitting him in the Shoulder. The Apache rips the Arrow out and quickly fires 2 arrows at the Mongol. One Arrow misses the Mongol due to the damage in his arm, the other hitting the horse in the leg, causing him to fall over, making the Mongol fall off. The Apache laughs as he stops his horse. The Mongol quickly grabs his Glaive from his horse and throws the Apache off his horse. The Apache runs away into the light forest as the Mongol chases his with the Glaive. The Apache stops running and takes out a Tomahawk. The Apache throws the Tomahawk at the Mongol, hitting him in the Leg.

However the Mongols feeling of vengence and his pain tolerence causes his to just rip out the Tomahawk and continue chasing the Apache with the Glaive. The Apache takes out another Tomahawk as the Mongol eventually catches up with the Apache. The Mongol thrusts the Glaive at the Apache. The Apache locks the Spear with his Tomahawk. The Apache quickly takes out his Knife and stabs the Mongol in the arm. The Mongol grunts as he kicks the Apache backwards. The Mongol thrusts the Spear again, the Apache also locking it. The Mongol however throws the Tomahawk away and stabs the Apache, not hitting any vital points of the Apache. The Apache falls down from the stab. The Mongol thrusts the Spear again at the Apache.

The Mongol quickly turns the tables as he rolls back, takes out the War Club and sucessfully manages to break the Glaive as the Mongol tried stabbing the Apache. The Mongol jumps in to kick the Apache again, but this time the Apache stabs him in the ribs and then kicks the Mongol. The Mongol, now furious, takes out his Flanged Mace. He starts swinging the Mace franticlly. The Apache tried to knock the Mace away, but due to its sheer weight, the Club gets lost. The Apache takes out his last Tomahawk as the Mongol continues swinging. The Mongol also knocks away the last Tomahawk. The Mongol sweeps the Apache off his legs, causing him to fall down. The Mongol hopes to finish him off by chrushing his ribcage, but the apache rolls back and throws the Knife at the Mongols arm. The Mongol lets go of the Mace and rips out the Knife. The Apache takes out two Knifes and hopes to finish off the Mongol. The Mongol quickly un-sheaths his Ild Sword and slashes across the Apache's Stomach.

The Mongol stabs downard, but with all the Apaches strength strength, rolls out of the way. The Apache circles the Mongol, breathing heavily. The Mongol swings his sword, the Apache dodges it and throws quick slashes/stabs at the Mongol. The Mongol yells in pain as he staggers back. The Apache, seeing a Golden Moment, yells his infamous war cry as he tries to lunge the Mongol. The Mongol laughs as he quickly points the Ild at the Heart of the Apache, causing the Apache to Impale himself on the Ild. The Mongol rips the Apache off his Sword and plants it in the ground. The Mongol looks up and says "Brother, I have Avenged You!!!", roars in victory and retrives his weapons.



Assesment Why He/She Won:

The Armor managed to stop the Mongol just enough to gain him the Win against the American Guerrilla warrior along with the better bow and arrow.



Mongol Composite Bow: 209 Kills

Glaive: 174 Kills

Ild Sword: 107 Kills

Flanged Mace: 103 Kills

The Bows Accuracy and Speed along with the Horse gave him a devestating 203 Kills.

The Glaives Reach got a good 174 Kills.

The Ild Swords superior length against most of the Apaches weapons along with its stabbing and slashing power got 107 kills

The Flanged Mace's slowness and disibility to being 2-handed got 103 kills. OK job...

Overall, the Leather that the Mongol had prevented MAJOR damage from all of the Apaches weapons while the Apaches weakly armored and fleshy body cause the Mongol to Steamroll the Apache.



Knife: 192 Kills

Tomahawk: 104 Kills

Apache Bow and Arrow: 89 Kills

War Club: 18 Kills

The Apaches Amazing Knife fighting skills got him 192 Kills, nice.

The Tomahawks ability to be thrown got 104 kills, most being stoped by armor.

The Bow and Arrows unability to penetrate the Leather got a measly 89 Kills.

The War Clubs crumminess got 18 Kills.


NEXT UP: 3 Of the Weakest warriors on the show will take on Vlad the Impaler. But can they stand up to the Might of Vlad the Imapler?