You Call That a Flash Drive? Naw...THIS is a Flash Drive!

July 20, 2009

Remember those Warner Bros. cartoons from the '70s and '80s, and their impression of what the not-to-distant future would be like? Well, we didn’t get flying cars, nor did we score any ray guns for hunting wabbits. But we did get a 256 gigabyte hard drive that fits on your keychain.

You're looking at the largest capacity flash drive in the world today - the Kingston Datatraveler 300.

While it may be slightly bulk in design, you have to admit that having a modern laptop's worth of data storage in a device that's the size of your house key is pretty rad.

Techiness of this magnitude doesn't come cheap though, as the Datatraveler 300 will set you back over 900 bucks. Don't worry though, next year we'll probably find them in Cracker Jack boxes.

Source: TBreak