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Blood on the Sand: Green Beret vs. Spetsnaz

by spike.com   May 12, 2009 at 5:52PM  |  Views: 5,795
But these are broad outlines and they are not mutually exclusive. The hallmark of elite warriors is their flexibility and the ease with which they successfully change strategies during battle.

There is one final commonality that may offer hints as to who will be victorious in tonight's confrontation. Both forces have fought as part of a larger deployment of troops in Afghanistan. The Spetsnaz during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s, and the Green Berets are there now. It's not an ideal comparison as modern Green Berets have the advantage of 20 years of military advancement over our Cold War Green Berets, although the difference technology makes in this time period is arguable.

Afghanistan isn't a cakewalk now, but looking back, it isn't for nothing that the Soviet Invasion is remembered as Russia's answer to the Vietnam War. War-torn Afghanistan is, sadly enough, the best clue to this conflict we have.

Finally, I want to end this week's blog by thanking our experts this week, Matt Anderson, Sonny Puzikas, George Gomez, and Maxim Franz. Whatever your nationality may be, it is because of men and women like them all over the world that the vast majority of us will never have to see a real battlefield or know the struggles of war first hand.

On Deadliest Warrior, we're looking to history's greatest warriors for the answer to a hypothetical question. But for our troops fighting overseas and working hard to protect us, war isn't a hypothetical question. It's a reality harsher than any amount of scientific testing or computer simulation can properly convey. We owe them our support and our gratitude, and we owe it to them to exercise our freedoms to their fullest extent, to celebrate the very liberty they have sacrificed so much to protect.

That said, enjoy tonight's show, and we're looking forward to your questions and comments for this week's Aftermath.

Morituri te salutant,

Max Geiger is a game designer and graduate of USC's Interactive Media Division.
You can follow him on Twitter (@MaxGeiger), as well as Geoff Desmoulin (@GeoffDesmoulin) and Dr. Armand Dorian (@ArmDor).