UFC 103: The Long-Horned Live Blog

September 19, 2009

For the first time ever, Spike TV will be leading you into a UFC pay-per-view with live, free and uninterrupted undercard fights. The lights are about to go on and I’ll be brining you all the action, how I see it, from inside the arena in Dallas. Hit refresh after every round.   For those who were flowing along with the preliminary fights, we got a little clarification that Steve Lopez’s shoulder got dislocated. For full results from the preliminary fights, click here.

Drew McFedries Vs. Tomasz Drwal

Round 1:

Drew is scoring early with some crisp combos, Bu Tom comes back strong and a series. Drew is beeding from the eye. It looks like he’s crying blood. Should I call the exorcist? I think I saw a few numbers in the phonebook down here where you can get a good price. Tom has him pinned against the cage a lays a few knees to Drew’s leg. Tom lands a nice right and trying to answer, Drew slips. Tom jumps on it. He takes Drew’s back and looks for a choke but the bell comes in just in time for McFedries.

Round 2:

Tom comes out swinging wildly in the second frame. Drew looks overwhelmed and Tom gets him down on the ground. Drew is in big trouble here as Tom get’s his back. He sinks in the rear naked choke and that’s the end.

Dana White is walking around the arena, doing his thing. That guy is a freakin superstar. He’s literally getting mobbed right now and I think he’s in danger of losing an eye to some girl’s nipple.

Efrain Escudero Vs. Cole Miller

Round 1:

The crowd here doesn’t like the slow-starting fight but just as they begin to boo, Efrain lands an uppercut and gets things moving. He lands a few more and is looking much cleaner on the feet than his opponent. Efrain locks up a Thai clinch and fires a knee but it misses. Cole tags Efrain and he loves it. The Mexican just smiles and nods his head. He wants more. Efrain goes old school, lifting Miller off the canvas and dropping him. He lands a few bombs from the feet. They’re back on the feet and Efrain is charging, he catches Miller with a right that puts Miller on his back. Escudero comes in with another right that puts Miller to sleep. He lands one more before the referee is able to stop the damage.

Efrain lets out some war cries and crumbles to his knees.

Efrain caught a bit of a bad rap on The Ultimate Fighter when he came off a little too cocky but he’s definitely humbled and he’s a legitimate fighter. He’s one of the most talented fighters to come off that show in a while and he’s going to go a long way in this sport if keeps his head on and continues to take this as seriously as he does.

As we creep up on the pay-per-view card, this crowd is getting rowdy, Master of Puppets is cranking and there’s a chick to my right that might flop her hooters right out of her top. And Eddie Bravo is to my left telling something to the Octagon Girls. The way they’re looking at him, you think he had all the secrets to the universe. Damn it. There is definitely a cool kids club and bloggers are not in it.

Tyson Griffin Vs. Hermes Franca

Dan Miragliotta gets some ncie boos from the crowd here to open the ppv card.

Round 1

Surprisingly, it’s more than one minute in and no one is bleeding yet. In fact, not much has happened at all. Hermes still had purple hair though, so that’s good. Griffin has landed a couple legs kicks that made nice pop. A jab from Tyson gets through. some girl behind me is practicing her horror-movie-vicitim scream. Obviously aiming to make out with Megan Fox in her next blockbuster.

Round 2:

Hermes lands an overhand right. They open up and now we’re seeing the fight that was advertised. The crowd goes nuts and these two are looking to take off some heads. Both guys get tagged. It slows a bit but still aggressive. Griffin lands a monster right and Hermes goes down. He’s hammering Tyson but the fight continues. It has to get called soon. And the referee steps in to end this. 

Josh Koscheck Vs. Frank Trigg

It’s great to see Frank Trigg back in the UFC, and not just because he looks exactly like Kurt Angle. The dude never went away as a fighter, he’s a top contender and this is a great fight. A win here is important for both guys and they’re going to out for blood.

Round 1:

Trigg is the clear favorite with the fans here, but it’s Koscheck who scores first. Trigg answers and has Kos backing up. Koscheck finds a hole and pops Trigg with a vicious right. Trigg goes down and Kos is all over him. He’s in bad shape, but he’s holding on. Trigg isn’t doing anything and this might get called soon. He’s still awake but it looks like his eyes might have rolled back. The fight is over. Trigg is stunned for a second or two, but he comes back to his senses and immediately protest s the call.

Koscheck gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, but when he tells Joe Rogan that he’s got an eye on another UFC vet named Matt Hughes, he seems to earn a little respect with the old school crowd.

Martin Kampmann Vs. Paul Daley

Round 1:

Flurries open the fight and Daley scores a few good ones. But Kampmann comes back and gets some of his own. They’re up on the fence and Daley is grinding him out. They break free and Daley sends The Hit Man stumbling back and Daley smothers him with a barrage of punches. Yves Lavigne has seen enough unanswered shots and calls the TKO. The crowd is unhappy with the call, but Kampmann seems perfectly fine with the fact that he’s not getting slammed in the face anymore.

Mirko Cro Cop Vs. Junior Dos Santos

The crowd here is LOVING Cro Cop. Miragliotta gets more boos.

Round 1:

Junior is not afraid of Mirko’s power as he goes right after the Croatian. Junior tags him with a right that hurts, then follows up with more combos. Cro Cop’s back is against the fence, but he circles and gets out of trouble. Junior is not letting up and gets Mirko pinned against the cage. Mirko looks for a throw, but Junior felt it coming and fought it off. Junior has blood on both eyes. Cro Cop pops one. Cro Cop lands another one to end the round, but that was all Junior. Could have been a 10-8 round for the Brazilian. 

Round 2:

Junior slaps a right into Mirko’s face. Mirko is using his legs kicks now a little more frequently. Juniot catches him right across the chin and he’s stunned but able to keep cool. Junior is all over him but Mirko is taking everything like a cheerleader on prom night (Hi-oh). Junior catches one in the giblets and needs some time to recover. He is in major pain; someone is going to have to check and make sure the whole family is still home after this fight.

Round 3

Junior takes one right in the forehead. Then another on the chin. A knee gets Mirko right in the stomach. Junior gets a clinch and sends off a few more knees. Mirko has no wind, looks like he wants to puke. Junior has in trouble again and snaps one right across his chin. From the clinch, Juniorl ands more knees to the face and body of Cro Cop. After a right hook to the eye, Cro Cop grabs his eye and tells Dan Miragliotta he’s had enough. Junior screams, and falls like a tree. He’s beaten the legend.

It was a bizarre ending, but legitimate. Junior has done something special. Junior is thrilled and after consecutive victories over Fabricio Werdum and now Cro Cop, tells Joe Rogan he's ready for whatever the UFC throws in front of him.

Herschel Walker just passed by. That’s pretty cool. He’s kind of old and rickety looking but in pretty good shape nonetheless.

Rich Franklin Vs. Vitor Belfort

It sounds like Thor is pound on the roof as Rich Franklin walks in and AC/DC cranks over the PA.

Round 1:

Franklin is respectful of The Phenom’s speed and power andhe’s reluctant to engage. With the first real exchange, Vitor nails him with a right that puts him face down on the mat and with his trademark speed jumps on Rich, nailing him with lefts and rights until Franklin goes out.

Vitor thanks God, Dana White, the Lorenzos and everybody else. He tells us he misses the “vibe” the UFC has and with the looks of this victory he be looking right at Anderson Silva. With a lack of scary enough opponents, there have been a lot of questions about what The Spider will do next but Vitor just crushed a man that gave Dan Henderson a lot of trouble in his last outing. Vitor could be the challenge that Anderson is looking for.

Great night, great fights and the long week of UFC is over. Thanks for checking us out at Spike.com and making this road trip a little more fun.