Microsoft Research Takes "Surface" On the Go

March 2, 2010

Microsoft's massive multitouch concept device Surface looks pretty cool on video, but has thus far lacked any real practical use for anyone not making or watching a video about Microsoft Surface. But through the use of projectors and a mobile phone's camera instead of a huge stationary screen, the Surface concept has suddenly become interesting again.

Dubbed "Mobile Surface," the software links a mobile phone to a camera and projector, letting people interact with a screen projected onto a tabletop by moving their hands in the air above it. As the video below demonstrates, this could send shockwaves through the drum circle world. What the rest of the world will do with it seems to be still "up in the air."


In all seriousness though, this is definitely an interesting direction for Surface to take, largely because it leaves the realm of technology that only the super rich can afford, and brings the concept down to a real world level, hence making it far more relevant for the rest of us. Let's hope they something cool to do with it other than play Wii minigames.

Source: Engadget