Mantenna - Friday, February 20

February 20, 2009

Battlestar Galactica is headed to the big screen, Kings of Leon get into a brawl with one another, and what you get when search for "prostitute" on's the Mantenna!

Source: Ellen Stagg

Best (and Worst) Prostitute Name Ever

A woman in Tampa, Flordia was arrested last week after she offered to perform oral sex on undercover police officers. Her name was Ho Suk Kim. Seriously! Say her name out aloud. This is absolutely her real, legal name. The 44-year-old woman was charged with two counts of prostitution and two counts of practicing massage without a license. She reportedly was caught after performing a $60 massage, then offering the officers oral sex for $150. For her, this was one massage that didn’t finish with a happy ending. []

The Life of a Female Erotic Photographer

Ellen Stagg is one hot chick with a super cool job. She pays the bills as a professional photographer who shoots commercial and erotic photographs. got together with Ellen to find out what it takes to take a hot picture, the most interesting and annoying aspects of the photography, industry and the sexiest aspect of her job. [Asylum]

Battlestar Galactica Headed to Theaters

The hit TV show Battlestar Galactica is being developed into a movie by Universal, which should make Battlestar fans everywhere rejoice. But the movie is going to be based on the original series from the late ‘70s and not the series on the Sci-Fi Channel. Glen A. Larson, the man who created the show, is going to pen and helm the film. This will be the first theatrical Battlestar film that isn’t simply a repurposed version of one of the TV episodes from the ‘70s, which first screened in 1978. First Star Trek, now Battelstar…Sci-Fi fans everywhere are having their day in the sun. [IGN]

Each Google Search Uses 1,000 Computers

Google Fellow Jeff Dean has revealed at WSDM 2009 that every time you type in your high school girlfriend’s name into Google (or any other search term) it uses the computing power of up to 1,000 separate machines.  This has been Google’s response to a dramatically increasing demand in the last 10 years.  Gizmodo mind-bogglingly points out “Queries have gone up by a factor of 1,000, yet search lag time has dropped about 1,000 ms to just 200 ms—nearly instant.” [Gizmodo]

Prostitute YouTube Searches


Source: Uncoached

Searching for "prostitute" on YouTube doesn’t bring up what you think it might.  If you think you’re in for barely-covered naughty bits and steamy windows, think again. However, what you find isn’t altogether unstimulating.  For instance, the Prostitute Prank and the Prostitute Self Defense Class are definitely worth your time.  Head over to Uncoached to uncover the rest of the sordid story. [Uncoached]

Kings of Leon Get Into a Brawl with Each Other

Apparently Kings of Leon were involved in a drunken backstage brawl with each other at the Brit Awards this past Wednesday. Brothers Nathan, 29, Jared, 22, and Caleb Followill, 27, and cousin Matthew, 24, are said to have a rocky relationship with one another. It is not really clear what started the rumble, although past tensions are said to have centered around frontman Caleb's excessive drinking.   According to The Mirror, the trouble started when Jared's girlfriend saw him speaking to a girl in Alesha Dixon's band. [The Mirror]

T.I. Bids Goodbye With The Farewell Tour

T.I. will bow out of the spotlight with a special farewell tour as he prepares to serve jail time for his illegal weapons possession. The Atlanta rapper will headline a handful of dates across the U.S. in the coming weeks before he begins his year-long prison stint in March. During the tour, he will be joined by Busta Rhymes and Keri Hilson for his February gig in Tampa, Florida, while Young Jeezy, Plies, Rick Ross, and Yung L.A. will support him in Detroit, Michigan on March 7th. The Farewell Tour will wrap in Corpus Christi, Texas on March 15th. [Contact Music]

Top Gear America to Build 70MPG Car Out of a 1971 VW Rabbit for $7,000

Sure, you can get a fuel-efficient hybrid car, but it'll cost tens of thousands of dollars. That's too much for the Top Gear America crew, who've set out to build a 70 MPG car for $7,000. They're doing this by buying a 28-year-old Volkswagen Rabbit, driving it up to CWS Tuning in Saskatchewan, replacing the engine with a "modern, computer-controlled, turbocharged VW TDI engine" and then driving it down to UCLA where aerodynamics professor John McNulty will help, as they say "make the car more slippery." [Top Gear]

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