‘Anarchy Reigns’ Brawls Its Way Onto Consoles

January 10, 2013

Platinum Games have a reputation to uphold. They make outlandish, over-the-top games that defy the standard norms of gaming. With a resume that includes titles like Bayonetta, Vanquish, and MadWorld, their latest game, Anarchy Reigns, has some pretty big shoes to fill. Not one to hold back, Anarchy Reigns does its best to live up to its predecessors by being the most eccentric brawler to land on consoles since, well… the last release from Platinum Games.

The dynamic duo of developer Platinum Games and publisher Sega have teamed up to bring Anarchy Reigns to the U.S. This isn’t the first time these two Japanese companies have collaborated. In fact, all of the games mentioned above and the DS title Infinite Space bear the markings of both. The development team is descendant of Clover Studio (Okami, Viewtiful Joe) whose work includes the insane brawler, God Hand, which appears to firmly lay the groundwork for Anarchy Reigns.

The quasi-sequel to the Wii-exclusive MadWorld, Anarchy Reigns isn’t your typical beat ‘em up. Set in a world ravaged by societal unrest and genetically modified mutants, you play as one of two sides of the law in the game’s campaign mode and try and survive on the mean streets of Altambra. The action is broken up into different types of missions spread throughout a handful of treacherous areas in the game’s world, each of which are unlocked by attaining a certain number of points. While the single player is fun, and a necessity to unlock all of the game’s characters, the multiplayer is where gamers will really get the most bang for their buck. With a host of different kinds of matches, players can take their skills online, and see if they have what it takes to survive intense close combat battles with other Anarchy Reignsfans. Some of the different modes can accommodate up to 16 players all trying to beat each other senseless at the same time, which can result in an all out assault on the senses.

After a series of delays, Anarchy Reignsis finally landing at retail on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 here in the States and is a steal at $30.

Platinum Games always goes big, and Anarchy Reignsis no different. While the game may not be perfect (random street fights as filler in between story levels, the ridiculous story and cut scenes), it proves that there’s always some fun to be had virtually beating people up. A game like this could very easily be cast off as a button masher, but Anarchy Reigns ends up being so much more than that. If you want to take down some of those insane mutated enemies, or just the other humans in multiplayer, you actually need to approach the game with a certain level of skill, and at least a touch of strategy, or you’re going to fall every time. It takes some practice, but once you get used to the nuances of the controls, Anarchy Reigns ends up being an enjoyable brawler with a robust multiplayer experience that players can sink hours of their lives into. In other words, it’s another confusing, crazy, and completely unique title from Platinum.