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by Robbie E   March 20, 2014 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 4,066

Bro!! Back with another BroMan blog this week. I am pumped for the IMPACT WRESTLING live events coming up. Check the calendar and maybe you can party with us. No promises. And you dolphinately can't party with the BroMans if you're not wearing the new BroMans t-shirt. You can get that at the live show, but you can also turtlelly cop that at shoptna.com, so do it. For now, you know that me, Jessie and Zema are big hashtaggers so here are the 5 hottest hash tags for the week. #Boom.

5 - #yobro - You only live once, sure, but more importantly, You Only BRo Once! Yeah bro!

4 - #TripleBoom - Not one boom, not two booms, but THREE BOOMS BRO. Me, Jessie and Zema booming all at once.

3 - #BroDown - The most devastating finisher in pro wrestling history. Me and Jessie have perfected and can hit it on anyone at anytime. #Boom

2- #BestTagTeamInTheWorld - Look, obviously that hashtag is talking about The BroMans. Duh.

1 - #fart – I've had bad gas this week. Way to much brotein. Talk about a #TripleBoom, bro.

Until next week..#boooooommmmm....Bromans in the house Thursdays on Spike TV. Don't miss it!

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