Ton And Allen Hit Remote-Controlled Riches

October 1, 2012
This week Ton and Allen took their lethal weapon, Carolyn, to a big old shipping container auction near the Los Angeles International Airport in Westchester, CA. If you can imagine rows and rows of huge wood crates on a bright sunny day, you've nailed down what this trip looked like. Was the trio able outsmart the locals and come out of this adventure richer? Let's let the details do the talking here:


Sold For: $4,250

Ton had to break it down for Allen and Carolyn and let them know this wasn't any ordinary remote-controlled car – this badboy was made to race. This wasn't just battery-powered too, but fuel-powered as well, and even was all-wheel drive. No other words could describe this find other than "Freakin' cool." Michael, an avid RC car enthusiast, and a local buyer, was ready to shell out cash for our team's find. This was the biggest production-made remote-controlled car you could buy period, and if that doesn't spell "cash" I don't know what does. $4,250 is how much the Auction Hunters raked in for this item, and what a sweet find it was.

Westchester was undoubtedly a smashing success, I mean just look at what kind of a trip Ton, Allen, and Carolyn had there: they grabbed six units for $2,630, collected $9,202 for selling all their worthwhile finds, and pocketed $6,572 in cash. Leave it to the professionals to compete with auction buying professionals.If there's one thing you have to see it's Ton vs. Allen in an rc car racing match. I won't give away the results, but let's just say one of them left the other in the dust. Watch the latest Auction Hunters episode, "Money Makin' Monster Machines" to see it happen. Like always, stroll by the Auction Hunters Facebook Page for all the latest news and updates about the show.