Match 1: Spartan vs Rajput

December 6, 2010












Xiphos vs Khanda. Edge = Khanda.

This reminds me of Gladius vs Khanda, but the Khanda wins again, due to far longer range, and the awesome cutting power of it.

Spear vs Aara. Edge = Spear.

The Aara is too flimsy, and the Spear actually kills on its first hit. The Aara might be fast, but it has horrible killing power, especially with bronze on his enemy.

Javelin vs Chakram. Edge = Chakram.

The Chakram has longer range, faster speed, and greater accuracy, making this the ultimate weapon to fight with.

Shield vs Katars. Edge = Shield.

Even thought those Katars are crazy in killing, they won't pass the Spartan's armor, and the Shield can stop him from even getting close.


A Rajput is seen sneaking around a small forest until he finds himself in a canon. He was sent here to take out any enemies, for his fellow Raj's to expand their land, until he heard a roar at the top of the canon. He sees a man dressed in bronze at the top, yelling:


Through the canon the roar echoed, but the Rajput readied his chakram. The Spartan threw down his javelin, but the Rajput flipped away, and the javelin fell into the river behind him.

The Rajput threw the chakram, and it sailed at the Spartan, who deflected it away with his shield. He ran down with his spear, and within seconds he was on the Rajput. The Rajput tried to scare off the Spartan by flailing his aara around, but it didn't work. In the middle of spinning it, the Spartan jabbed his spear, hitting the Rajput in the arm.

With the force of the spear, the Rajput fell back and fell in the river. The Spartan tried to stab from where he was, knowing he'd be dead weight with his shield and armor. After another jab, the Raj took out his khanda and sliced with the flat part, throwing the spear away and into the river.

Weaponless at the time, the Spartan gave the Rajput enough time to climb out of the river. He lifted the khanda up and sliced, but the Spartan blocked with his shield, and then stabbed with his xiphos. The Rajput was just out of range, and he put on a katar. He caught the xiphos with the killer claw, but the shield knocked him down. He threw the shield down on the Rajput again and again, until the Raj fell in the river, unconscious. But he never lived, due to drowning, and also a large gash on his head, bleeding rapidly.

Spartan: 529.

Xiphos: 98.

Spear: 155.

Javelin: 3.

Shield: 273.

Rajput: 471.

Khanda: 252. 

Aara: 0.

Chakram: 41.

Katars: 178.