Judge Dredd Remake Gets a Writer

September 9, 2009

The year was 1995. The movie was Judge Dredd. The man was Sylvester Stallone. The end result? Disappointment and disdain. But now the remake is under tow and the project has even found a new writer to bring this dead property back to life. And this writer has a working relationship with one of the hottest directors out there right now: Danny Boyle.

The screenwriter is Alex Garland, and he's written both 28 Days Later and Sunshine, both films directed by Boyle. (Imdb also lists him as the writer of a Halo movie that's in development -- who knows whether or not that's legit.)

The remake of Judge Dredd, a dystopian-future comic about a policeman who goes the extra mile to bring down all kinds of futuristic baddies, is happening at Boyle's production company, DNA Films. Whether or not that means Boyle will actually direct is another matter, but it doesn't hurt that one of his collaborators is writing the script.

So is anyone excited about this remake? It's looking like every sci-fi from the '90s is getting remade (don't forget there's purportedly a Total Recall remake in the works), but this one became a little more promising with the addition of Garland.

Let's just hope Sly isn't cast as Dredd again. The man is starring in every old franchise he was ever a part of; we've got enough Stallone with the Rambo and Rocky sequels.

Source: Buena Vista Pictures