God of War 3 Story Leaked

February 11, 2009

A PS3 chat forum user has posted the entire cover story for the upcoming Game Informer about the highly-anticipated PS3 flagship game God of War 3. The details of the game are staggering, awesome, and just about everything you could ever hope for from a title that Sony hopes will patch the holes in their sinking warship.

A few highlights include new weapons (such as the lion-shaped gauntlets you saw in the world premiere), a series of hidden mini-games (including, of course, the sex mini-game), and a look at some of the monsters Kratos will face in this, the final chapter of his story.

Perhaps the best tease is the description of the opening cinematic – Kratos, embroiled in a battle with a hoard of undead, bursts through them like Neo in The Matrix to jump on the back of a gigantic Cyclops.  Head to the forums to check out the leaked stuff.  But, don’t forget to buy the real thing when it comes out.

Source: PS3chat.com forums