Jay Reatard Gets Attacked By Fans During Live Show

December 10, 2009

Last night at the Austin, Texas venue Emo's, Memphis punker Jay Reatard was attacked by two audience members that rushed the stage early in his set.

After being attacked, Reatard protected himself with his trusty mic stand. The set of course ended early and police arrested the two fans after the show was over.

Here’s Austin 360’s account of what went down:

…after two rowdy fans attacked Reatard on-stage shortly after he announced he was playing the night's final song. He retaliated by swinging his microphone stand and departed mid-song, giving the at-times rambunctious audience the finger as he exited the stage…the lights went up and the PA music kicked in as the two intruding fans were arrested by police outside the club's Sixth Street entrance.

Jay Reatard's publicist also gave an official comment on the incident:

Jay was attacked, totally unprovoked, by two different people, both of whom were later arrested. One guy bolted onstage and came swinging at Jay, but security took him away pretty quickly...another guy sprinted onstage and hit Jay…Jay defended himself with the mic stand until security took that guy away, too. Jay is safe and unhurt…The two guys were arrested, but I'm not sure exactly what the formal charges were or where they are now.

Jay Reatard just can’t seem avoid the onstage drama. Too bad he didn’t just start punching faces like he did back in Toronto.

Source: Dimitri Hakke/Getty Images