Mantenna - Tuesday, December 9

December 9, 2008

High school cheerleaders in Texas sue their school over nude pictures, Coldplay responds to Joe Satriani's claims of plagiarism, and the Top 10 hottest celebrities dressed up like Catholic schoolgirls...all that and more after the jump in today's Mantenna!

Nude Cheerleaders Sue School

Two high school cheerleaders have been suspended for “accidentally” sending nude cell phone pictures of themselves to the entire school.  The students from Bothell High School, near Seattle, were suspended from the cheer squad in August after school officials learned the photos were floating around the school. According to reports, “one of the pictures was taken three years ago and sent to the teen's then-boyfriend. The other was snapped in June. The girls believed they had deleted the photos, but accidentally sent them to members of the football team.” Now their parents are suing the school, claiming their daughters have been unfairly treated and that those responsible for spreading the photos have escaped punishment. [Deadspin]

Catholic School Girls Are Fun

The Catholic schoolgirl look is a true sin. The combination of a short plaid skirt, white t-shirt knotted at the waist, knee-high socks and pigtails is the kind of hot that’s worth going to hell for. The devilish folks at Manofest have put together a list of celebrity schoolgirl performances that’d give Satan a stroke. Get your schoolgirl fix with a uniformed Britney Spears, Sarah Michelle Geller, Jenny McCarthy and more. [Manofest]

Coldplay Responds To Joe Satriani's Plagiarism Claim

Today, less than a week after Joe Satriani filed a copyright infringement suit against Coldplay over their song "Viva la Vida," the UK band has finally posted a response to the suit on their website. Coldplay stated that the similarities of the two songs “are entirely coincidental” and sucked up to the axe man by calling him a “great musician.” Still sounds fishy if you ask us. []

Blur is Reuniting

After months of speculation, the Britpop sensations will reunite next summer for their first performance since 2000. Blur has confirmed that they will be reuniting for a massive gig in London's Hyde Park next summer. Guitarist Graham Coxon, who quit the band for a solo career in 2002, has signed up to the reunion, which features the full original lineup of frontman Damon Albarn, drummer Dave Rowntree and bassist Alex James. The Hyde Park show takes place on July 3rd. []

Keanu Reeves Has Samurai Skills  

As if we didn’t already know this. But just to make sure we did, Reeves is lined up to star in 47 Ronin, a story set in 18th century Japan about a group of masterless Samurai dead set on revenge. At this point it’s pretty clear that Keanu has the skill to kill, especially when it comes to busting out the martial arts moves, so it looks like he’s a good fit for this. What makes the story even more badass is the fact that, after achieving their vengeance, all the ronin are aware that they must commit ritual suicide. Now that’s a vendetta. The movie is being pitched as The Lord of the Rings meets Gladiator, and is being written by Chris Morgan, who co-wrote Wanted. This might just have the ingredients to make a big batch of awesome. [Cinematical]

Proof That Meteors Can Create Life

Japanese scientists have been having fun. "We use shock experiments to recreate the conditions surrounding the impact of chondritic meteorites into an early ocean," they said in Nature Geoscience.  What that means is that they’ve been firing bullets of carbon and iron into sludge.  We used to do that on the farm, and we didn’t get any grant money. Apparently, though, after they did it they proved that the sludge they shot subsequently held the basic compounds required for living organisms.  We just got drunk on the porch.  Touché, Japanese scientists. [Wired]

AutoblogGreen Hits 44 mpg in 2010 Ford Fusion


While everybody continues singing the praises of Toyota’s flagship hybrid, whose real-world mileage is around 38-41 mpg, the larger and less ridiculous looking Ford Fusion hybrid has achieved an observed 44 mpg in journalist testing, despite being a larger and more well-appointed car. While it’s become quite fashionable as of late to claim Detroit has been making cheap, unreliable and unsellable cars for a long time, those myths are finally being tempered by actual facts. Hopefully this will help Detroit’s image in the eyes of Joe and Jane Sixpack. [Autoblog]

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