Avatar to Get Three Months on IMAX

May 21, 2009

James Cameron's upcoming Avatar is going to be graced with a three month run in IMAX theaters, which is pretty unusual considering most theaters with an IMAX screen have only one of them. The buzz surrounding this movie has become surreal.

The New York Times reports:

Imax so far has not lined up any other Hollywood movies for its ultra-big screen theaters between Fox’s release of Mr. Cameron’s 3-D science fiction thriller on December 18th and the arrival of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland on March 5th. Things could change. But the IMAX people are mulling whether the several hundred large screens by then expected to be up and running with commercial films (as opposed to the museum-type fare) will be needed for almost three months to satisfy demand for Mr. Cameron’s first feature film since Titanic.

Avatar will have to sink Titanic in order for it to earn its three month stint. But if it's half as impressive as everyone's saying it is, people will be packing IMAX theaters for at least a month. Three months...that's a different matter altogether.

Source: Charley Gallay/Getty Images