This is the Greatest Duct Tape Ad Ever

August 23, 2011

How often do you think about duct tape? Normally, it's just there, sitting in the toolbox, occasionally helping with a task. Its job is to be grey and sticky and be great at everything except actually sealing ducts, and that's about it.

Which makes it really hard to sell. But not impossible, not with the power of the Internet on your side.

Enter this ad, which is both a loving tribute to Tron and yet another instance of an Internet meme entering the real world, in this case, “Tron Guy” (a.k.a. Jay Maynard). Who you might recognize from America's Got Talent. Or Jimmy Kimmel Live. Or Tosh.0. Really, this guy has managed to turn a suit he made in his garage into a much bigger deal than it has any right to be.

Either way, the ad itself, and Maynard's part in it, is just utterly hilarious. Congratulations, Duck: you've actually made a duct tape ad people care about.

Source: YouTube/Duck Brand