Bye, Bye Demarcus!

June 21, 2009

Well, Dan Henderson prove to be as good a coach as Joe Rogan's comedy schtick!

Damarcus came in with no real game plan, not fired up, while James Wilkes knew every move that Johnson was going to take before he made a move.  It was like the British team took every note that they could on Damarcus Johnson's fight game.  They were able to anticpate all of Johnson's strategy and movement.

Dan Henderson showed he is a good fighter who probably has a great coach.

But unlike Brisby, who admited he is not a great coach.  But he had the sense to bring in the best coaches off the British Isles, who happen to be his coaches.

Smart man!

Well, next season...

The US vs Haiti...

I think we got this one in the bag! (Snicker!!!)