Deadliest warrior Special: Iberian Caetrati v. Hawaiian Warrior

December 5, 2010

Close range: Falcata & Shield v. Shark tooth Sword: Falcata & Shield due to its Offence and defence battle stance and the ability of the sword to hack an enemy to pieces

Medium range: Iberian spear v. Pololu spear: Pololu spear due to its many spike barbs that can rip an gel torso

Long range: Bow & Arrow v. throwing lance: Bow & arrow due to its accuracy and lethality when used in combat.

Spcial weapon: iberian dagger v. knuckle duster: knuckle duster due to the ability to crush bones to pieces and  disarm the small Caetrati shield.


The battle starts in a small field where we find the iberian Caetrati walking alone the field to spy for any enemy. The hawaiian warrior stays a top of a hill and saw the iberian warrior. The hawaiian Warrior yells at the enemy, the Caetrati saw this and prepare himself for battle. The hawaiian warrior threw a lance at the enemy, The Caetrati uses his shield to protect himself with no problem at all. The Hawaiian Warrior threw his second lance once again and hits the armor of the enemy. The Caetrati gets up quickly and prepares his bow and arrow. The hawaiian jumps off the hill and runs to his foe, The Caetrati shoots his bow and arrow nearly hits the hawaiian warrior. The iberian Caetrati reloads and shoots his second arrow which hits the hawaiian's left shoulder. The hawaiian pulls out the arrow and resumes running again, The Caetrati loads his arrow and shoots hits nothing once again. The hawaiian jumps off and kicks off the bow and arrow off the enemy. The hawaiian raises his pololu spear and thrust the enemy right arm. The Caetrati pulls out the spear and kicks the hawaiian warrior to the ground. The Hawaiian picks up the attack and charges at the enemy, The Caetrati picks up his spear and battles the hawaiian warrior face to face. The Caetrati Hits his foe with the shield which send him to the ground.

The hawaiian then Gets up and pulls out his shark tooth sword and swings it to the Caetrati's arm dropping his spear in the process. The Caetrati draws the falcata and blocks the next sword attack of the opponent and slashes at the hawaiian warrior's chest which caused a long wound. The Caetrati then swings his falcata forward which misses this time. The Hawaiian kicks his caetrati foe to the head which results in losing his balance. The Hawaiian then lunges himself with a vicioius thrust and hits the Caetrati's solid chest armor. The Caetrati then swings his sword which caused a wound of the enemy's face. The Hawaiian warrior then swiftly tackles his opponent to the ground and continues to pummels the caetrati both with lefts and rights. both men loses their swords in the process of the attack, The Hawaiian warrior then pulls out his knuckle duster and uses it to atttack the fallen Caetrati warrior. the iberian warrior then kicks his opponent and uses his shield to block the attack of the knuckle duster. The Hawaiian warrior continues to pummels his weapon to the shield of the Caetrati. The Shield is filed with dents, Until the hawaiian warrior disarms him with the shield. The Hawaiian kicks him again.

The Caetrati stumbles and sees the fuming mad warrior running towards him and decides to pull out his dagger. The hawaiian warrior misses with a blow which caused him his life, The Caetrati thrust his dagger into the belly of the warrior and rips his stomach out disembowling him in the process. The hawaiian lays dead on the solid murky ground while his victorious Caetrati foe sheats his dagger and walks away from him.

Iberian Caetrati:

Falcatta & Shield: 310

Iberian spear: 70

Bow & Arrow: 101

Iberian Dagger: 15


Hawaiian Warrior:

Shark tooth sword: 206

Polulu spear: 104

Throwing lance: 60

Knuckle duster: 15


The Caetrati was victorious due to his strength and the ability to uses him weapons in combat in order to defeat his polynesian foe to death. PS I am sorry that i can find a proper picture for the hawaiian warrior. But the cool Caetrati pictures was cool and very easy to find.