Taliban vs Viet Cong

October 2, 2010

Beginning Assessment: The Middle East's religious killers that will stop at nothing for their god and bullets, the Taliban, comes to a standstill with the Viet Cong, ragtag freedom fighters that won the Vietnam War.


Long Range: AK-47.

Medium Range: Makarov Pistol.

Short Range: Bayonet.

Special: RPG-7.

Explosive: PMN Mine.

Viet Cong:

Long Range: MAT-49.

Medium Range: Tokarev TT-33.

Short Range: Machete.

Special: M2 Flamethrower.

Explosive: POMZ-2 Mine.


AK-47 vs MAT-49. Edge = Even.

Both of these are semi-automatic so there both going to be about the same in battle, so I say it's pretty even.

Makarov vs Tokarev. Edge = Makarov.

This was very close but I have realized that the Makarov is a little more accurate then the Tokarev, but this was still close.

Bayonet vs Machete. Edge = Machete.

Usually, I'd say that the Bayonet would get the edge when attached to a rifle because of shooting and stabbing, but as range gets closer, you can't just pull the AK of your back because there might not be room, where your gun spear is useless, you have a sword like a Machete because it can slash in closer areas.

RPG-7 vs M2. Edge = RPG-7.

As we've seen before the RPG-7 will win against a flamethrower because of longer range, and it also has an explosion that sends deadly shrapnel everywhere.

PMN vs POMZ-2. Edge = POMZ-2.

This is a battle rendering squad vs squad, so the faster you kill your enemy, the better. The POMZ-2 can take out about three people at a time, where a usual PMN is designed to take out only one person.


Six terroists from the Taliban walk on top of a hill where they see a few caves and a large jungle like area. They suddenly think they somehow came back to Afghanistan, but they look at the coordinates on their map and see they're somewhere entireley else. They put the map away, and start walking on. The leader senses trouble about, and he plants a PMN nearby. As they walk on a little more they see a hut right on the edge of the jungle area. They take out their guns, and are ready for a battle. They surround the hut, and the leader shoots inside, hearing a body falling, followed by a grunt. He gives a signal that tells the Taliban that they're now safe. They walk in the hut and find various items, one picks up a tokarev and checks the ammunition. Full. They walk out of the hut, where they see someone running away from them. Two of the Taliban chase him, shooting their new and old weapons. The Viet Cong dies from shots, but the two Taliban ran onto a POMZ-2 and they both blew up. Taliban = 4. Viet Cong = 4.

The Taliban run back to where they came from, and one pulls a RPG out of a cave. He looks through the scope for magnification and sees another hut, seeing a flamethrower wielder walking out of it. Flames are blasted, and a rocket is shot. The flame blanket didn't stretch far enough and died down, but the rocket reached the hut and blew the flame shooter up. The Taliban grab another rocket to reload and save for later, but as they start progressing onto the jungle, the RPG shooter falls in an unseen ditch and when the group sees him, he has large stakes covered in blood and... poop (???) straight through his body. They run away from the terrible sight and hear a PMN go off somewhere behind them. They see the leader's exploded mine with a dead Viet Cong nearby, without his leg... Taliban = 3. Viet Cong = 2.

As the Taliban trudge on they see another two Viet Cong members, and one's the leader. They don't run but they kept distance and started shooting their guns. Only one of the Taliban died from the gunfire, and the leader commanded to run away. As they shoot back they are still in a battle with the Viet Cong. One gets too close and is stabbed by a bayonet. The Viet Cong member fell down from the knife wound surrounded in his blood. He runs to find his leader who he thinks ran into a cave. He starts running after a clump of the caves but he can't move any more, due to a machete slicing off his legs. Then at the neck. Taliban = 1. Viet Cong = 1.

The Viet Cong leader heads onto the caves, now pulling out his tokarev with his machete. He sees movement to his right in the cave, like a shadow againsts the rock wall. He runs over to where he saw it and slashes his sword. Turns out the Taliban leader was there but just missed by half an inch. The Viet Cong leader takes out the tokarev and shoots off to where he saw the Taliban run into the darker part of the cave. There's a grunt but he does not die. He pulls out his makarov and shoots back, just grazing his shoulder. They start shooting back more and more. And the Taliban finally was able to shoot him in the neck. He came down, dead. The Taliban rose out of the cave and screamed in victory. Taliban = 1. Viet Cong = 0.

Taliban: 534.

AK-47: 162.

Makarov: 153.

Bayonet: 51.

RPG-7: 130.

PMN: 38.

Viet Cong: 466.

MAT-49: 152.

Tokarev: 125.

Machete: 55.

M2: 81.

POMZ-2: 53.

Ending Assessment: Though this was very close, the Taliban prevailed due mainly to having their RPG-7 that made a fifty kill difference between both these warriors.

Best Performing Weapon: The Taliban's AK-47 shot 162 deaths.

Least Performing Weapon: The Taliban's PMN Mine only blew up 38 deaths.