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The Top 10 Creative Ways to Enjoy Bacon

by Reverend_Danger   October 20, 2008 at 10:00PM  |  Views: 3,864

Bacon is the candy of meats.  It is so sinfully delightful that many refer to a good-looking plate of bacon-themed foodstuffs as bacon porn.  It is the most coveted of the breakfast meats and has set forth a greasy wave of devotion crawling across the floor of the ocean that is the internet, so prepare yourself for a tsunami of savory specialties.

10. Bacon-Laced Cinnamon Rolls 


Bacon is really good at breakfast.  It was the genesis of its modern-day glory, some would say.  Another delicious heart-stopper that’s best in the a.m. is the cinnamon roll.  Too much of a good thing? Maybe for you.  Bet you don't lace your Marlboros with LSD either, wuss. 

9. Bacon Weave (+ anything)


The bacon-on-bacon idea is something that’s been kicked around for some time.  However, never has it been so literally (and elegantly) woven into the fabric of our culinary experience than with the bacon weave.  The best thing about the bacon weave is that it’s good by itself, or on top of anything (even another bacon weave).

8. Bacon Bowl Salad


If one ate only bacon, one could lead a happier, albeit shorter, life.  In the interest of prolonging this life (and hence, the amount of bacon consumed cumulatively therein), it might be a good idea to choke down some greens every once in a while.  But, don’t worry, there is a silver bacon-y lining. 

7. Baconator


We'll start by saying we have no arrangement with Wendy's or any subsidiaries thereof.  We just love the friggin Baconator. Call us sellouts, but while you’re wasting precious calories moving your jaw to do that, we’ll be eating a Baconator dipped in chili without chewing - just tip your head back and cough it down like a mothaf****** merganser. 

6. Bacon Rolling Papers


The munchies are what we call a win-win: “Endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors are abundant in the hypothalamus, the region of the brain that plays a pivotal role in appetite regulation. In 1992, researchers identified the first endocannabinoid and named it anandamide, from the Sanskrit ananda, meaning inner bliss. In other words, when you smoke dope, you're replicating (albeit with much greater intensity) an effect the body produces naturally for itself.