Top Shelf Tuesday - December 1

December 1, 2009

Tuesday is here, and you know what that means--it's time to start thinking about the latest hot releases. Luckily for you, we're here to give y'all the best of the bunch.

Source: Ubisoft Montreal


Based on James Cameron's film of the same name, Avatar: The Game drops you into a universe in the midst of peril. Play as the indigenous Na'vi (the huge blue alien people) or the greed-driven RDA Corporation as you arm yourself from a choice of over 60 weapons, elaborate skillsets, and deep character customization to help you defeat your foes. Prepare yourself for an epic battle the likes of which have never been seen before.

It's time to get dirty once again as the ongoing battle for offroad supremacy continues in the latest installment in the MX vs. ATV series. MX vs. ATV: Reflex sports the additions of track deformation and the touted Rider Reflex control, which allow you to control your player's body independently of the vehicle itself, therefore allowing more precise control, which in turn means more high-speed action, more insane stunts, and more bone-crushing bailouts. When you're ready to test your mettle against the world at large, Reflex offers 12-player online multiplayer matchups with various racing modes as well as addictive mini-game modes. And with bikes, buggies, trucks, and ATVs all at your disposal, there's sure to be a vehicle that fits each player's style.



Source: The Halcyon Company

If you’ve been holding your breath until you could own Terminator Salvation, well, you can stop turning blue in the face. The DVD and Blu-ray are here, which you can add to your Terminator collection, rounding out the movies to an even four. You won’t be disappointed with the special features as they include many featurettes like Re-Forging the Future, The Moto-Terminator, and others. Needless to say this could be a pretty awesome stocking stuffer, along with one of those full-sized Terminator skull busts.

With Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, it’s time to get your historical romp on. Ben Stiller is back in the sequel to Night at the Museum, and he’s his usual hilarious self. This is a must-have for everyone who owns the first and would be a great stocking stuffer for any comedy buff. And take a look at what you get in special features: a gag reel, 12 deleted scenes, and more featurettes than you’ll know what to do with. Featurettes like Director 201 With Shawn Levy, Historical Confessions, and Secret Doors and Scientists will keep you going until part three comes out.



Source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Although Biz Markie is mostly known for his hit jam “Just a Friend,” to just toss him away as just a one-hit-wonder would not be fair to the multitalented hip-hopper. If you don’t believe me, Diabolical: The Biz's Greatest Hits will make you a believer. Markie's wacky energy and off-the-wall rhyme style definitely paved the way for MCs like Ol Dirty Bastard and MF Doom. "Nobody Beats the Biz," "Vapors" and "Make the Music with Your Mouth, Biz" are all classics and need to be unearthed for new hip-hop listeners. The package also includes never before seen photography by George Dubose. Get this!

Untitled is the ninth studio album by R&B mastermind R. Kelly. Like his previous records, the tracks will be a combination of R&B and hip-hop with much of the recording and production helmed by Kelly himself. The first single off the album is "Number One" featuring Keri Hilson. If the entire record is anything like this single, R. Kelly fans worldwide should be completely satisfied with this new release. The album was initially supposed to be released in 2008 under the name 12 Play, 4th Quarter however that version of the project leaked before release and so it was decided that the whole project should be re-recorded. Does this dude ever stop making music?

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