Polish Newspaper Accidentally Endorses Pedophilia, Strengthens "Intelligence" Stereotypes

February 10, 2010

Did you hear the one about the Polish newspaper that accidentally published a picture of a parody mascot that likes sex with children called “Pedobear” in their newspaper because they didn’t understand how Google Images works?

Well, not to ruin the amusing and slightly disturbing quip – but the punch line ends with a small international controversy and a wacky Canadian artist becoming one of the first non-Chris Hansen people on earth to make a lucrative career out of pedophilia.

The whole thing started when The Gazeta Olsztynska (my third favorite Polish newspaper) was doing a story on the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games and began searching for images of the various furry mascots associated with the upcoming affair.

Ever the diligent fact checkers that they are in a country known for sausage and Krzysztof Oliwa, the Polish journalists grabbed any image that looked cuddly and had the headline “Vancouver Olympics” that they could find.

Only problem was, the image of “Pedobear” came up because it was a “Vancouver Olympics” parody mascot - and yes, they printed it.

Since the incident, the picture's artist, Michael Barrick, has seen massive amounts of traffic on his website and has big plans for the possible increased revenue from his protest art. “Yesterday alone I got 120,000 (with about one third coming from Poland) and today is looking like it will top that by at least double," he told a British newspaper. “Maybe I'll just keep the money to help cover the price gouging, raised taxes, disappearing arts funding, and all the other ‘benefits’ we Vancouverites are getting from the games that are kicking me in the back pocket."

Minus the whole "animals having sex with children thing," this guy seems like he's got a pretty good head on his shoulders. Score another victory for the apparently kind of friendly, and overtly witty Canadians.

Source: Robert Harding/Getty Images