LeAnn Rimes Talks Sex Tape

June 15, 2011

LeAnn Rimes has craftily said she has never filmed herself “having sex on tape.” Then this week stills from a supposed LeAnn Rimes sex tape were leaked… and now she’s talking about it.

Rimes has slammed the people who leaked images from a private, stolen tape she made with her then-husband Dean Sheremet nearly ten years ago. The country music songstress also maintains that it is not a sex tape. She took to Twitter today and unleashed a barrage of tweets and in doing so helped iron out the true definition of a sex tape.Ms. Rimes wondered, “Since when is changing in front of a mirror in a thong a 'sex tape'?” Good point girl, but isn’t taking off one’s clothes a prelude to sexual intercourse?

Whatever the case, Ms. Rimes is not a happy camper. She continued furiously typing away on Twitter, tweeting, “The fact that someone has STOLEN a tape of private moments of when I was 18 and is trying to profit off of it is sick,” she continued, “and the fact that the media is trying to make more of it than it is, a few private moments of me changing and joking around is misleading and wrong.” Yes, it’s the media’s fault you let yourself be filmed in a compromising position and let the footage fall into someone else hands.

Her ex-husband has a slightly different take on the whole saga. He told Star magazine, “We were married for eight years; we did a lot of s**t. I honestly don't even remember. I'm sure it was fun and innocent.” When the tape actually hit he tweeted, "[I need] a sex tape mulligan, as the alleged one is not very sexy at all...” LeAnn would probably agree.

Nonetheless Ms. Rimes still maintains she has “never” filmed herself “having sex” and that you see more of her body in a bikini. She tweeted, “All I know is you see more of me on a beach in a bikini. Moving on, so should everyone else!”

To help us all move on, we propose LeAnn posts some more awesome bikini shots.

Photo: Jordan Strauss/WireImage/Getty Images