NFL Star Marries His Stalker

August 11, 2010

All great marriages have a funny story about how the couple first met. Rarely, however, does the tale involve 11 misdemeanor counts of stalking and a no-trade clause from the Kansas City Chiefs.

To be fair, Chris Chambers isn’t like most people.

The veteran wide receiver made that perfectly clear when he took the woman he issued a restraining order against to Las Vegas and made her the happiest stalker on the planet by saying “I do” in front of a room full of confused witnesses.

According to our good friends at, Chambers' new wife (Stacey Saunders) used to be his mistress. However, when his then-current spouse found out about the affair, Chambers tucked his testicles safely in the dresser drawer and took out a restraining order against his ass on the side.

Oddly, this enraged Saunders, who began a violent plea for love that resulted in a run-in with the cops and some awkward Tiger Woods-esque moments around the Chiefs' water cooler.

However, when Chambers and his wife split up (lord knows why), Saunders saw an opening.

“Two days after his divorce, he and Saunders got married in Las Vegas,” a source noted.

Two whole days? Talk about missing out on the single life!

Say what you will about Chambers, but you have to give him credit for promoting from within. His next mistress has to be happy with the dental plan and growth opportunities an affair with Chambers can provide.

Photo: Donald Miralle/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images