Hottest Women of TNA

by ncoles   April 10, 2008 at 5:25PM  |  Views: 3,551



Ever since TNA introduced it's Women's Division, the league on the whole has become a lot sexier. These girls may wrestle with a lot of anger, but when they're not body slamming each other they're looking hot.

Crystal Louthan



The sexy TNA announcer once won an "I Dream of Jeannie" look-a-like contest.


Karen Angle



Karen is the manager and real life wife of wrestling legend Kurt Angle. However, on a recent episode of TNA Karen announced she was separating from Kurt and stated that she had found "someone else" on the TNA roster who loves her and loves her kids as well.


SoCal Val



The smoking TNA ring girl is currently in an on-screen relationship with Jay Letha. She recently declined an offer to appear in Playboy.


Christy Hemme



Christy enjoys racing street bikes, dirt bikes and has numerous tattoos, including an eagle, heart and star.


Gail Kim



Gail is the first female wrestler to win the women's title in both WWE & TNA and was recently featured in Forbes Magazine's top 40 list of "America's Most Eligible Bachelorettes".

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