Kelly Brook Wiggles Her Bottom to Sell Shoes

June 1, 2010

Curvaceous British babe Kelly Brook is using her booty to sell shoes with the model shaking her tailfeather as the latest spokesperson for Reebok’s Easytone shoes. See Kelly wiggle and work it after the jump.

Ms. Brook shows of her behind in a series of scenes, all with one thing in common – she’s wearing shoes that help shape her fine ba-dunk-a-dunk. Kelly swears by the shoes, saying, “EasyTones are brilliant. It's like having a little gym built into your trainers. I wear them all the time, especially if I don't have time to get to the gym and then at least I know I'm doing something for my body. They make your legs feel toned and bum feel pert, they are like magic shoes! I've been wearing them to tone up for the summer and have really seen a difference, which is why I didn't mind getting my hotpants on for the video.” Ms. Brook put her bootilicious behind to work in the spot for Reebook by hula-hooping, trampolining, dancing, and doing some sexy baking.


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Source: Reebok