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The Seven Craziest Conspiracy Theories in Sports

by davidbreitman   November 02, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 2,004

2. Babe Ruth Missed Part of the 1925 Season Because of a Venereal Disease


Photo: Transcendental Sports/Getty Images

You know the old expression “repeatedly having unprotected sex stops being cool once you graduate college?” Well, according to conspiracy theorists, nobody taught Babe Ruth this lesson when he played for the New York Yankees.

During the 1925 season, Ruth was sidelined for two months with a mysterious stomach illness that was never treated by the team doctor. While it’s entirely possible that his time on the injured reserve was simply to nurse a hangover, critics believe that a “burning sensation” in his little bambino was the real reason for Ruth’s absence.


1. Michael Jordan was Forced to Retire


Photo: Dave Sandford/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Remember when Michael Jordan retired from basketball in 1993 because the death of his father inspired him to continually strike out and drop fly balls in minor league baseball games? Well, according to people who secretly hoped John Stockton could win a title in his airness’ absence, Jordan didn’t elect to temporarily leave the game due to personal reasons, but was instead “secretly forced” to walk away by David Stern over gambling issues.

Jordan is a self-admitted gambler who once lost $1 million on a hole of golf. David Stern is (or at least should be) a self-admitted hypocrite who routinely urinates all over the game of basketball. Is it inconceivable to think that upon discovering some wagering malfeasance with the game’s greatest player he secretly banished him for two seasons rather than giving him the Pete Rose treatment?


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