Golfotron Brings the Links Indoors

October 8, 2008

Golfing can be a hassle when you have to travel more than the distance from one room to another in order to do it.  And what if they don’t have GPS systems in their carts!?  Worry no more, Golfer of Tomorrow, the Golfotron (wish I could’ve been there when they came up with that name) is a virtual golf system the likes of which you probably haven't seen.

The ball velocity is measured off the point of impact using sensors and the speed is accurate to within .002 MPH.  The real genius, though, is that the same infrared technology also measures your swing shape, the club head angle, and the point of impact to predict the trajectory of the ball making a fairly realistic approximation of what your real golf shot would look like.

The system comes with “unlimited” courses, which seems like a mathematical impossibility, but they say free updates to the selection of courses will be continually uploaded to the system’s PC for the life of the product.

Also noteworthy is the putting simulation.  Using a different facet of the same infrared technology (it’s called Sports Coach Systems), it can accurately simulate a variety of green shapes and speeds for your putting pleasure.

All the courses are real, sadly, so you won’t be playing in, say, Times Square or on the Moon, even though that seems like it would be the real draw of a simulator.  But you take what you can get when you’re so super rich that you have an entire extra room in your house to devote to golf simulation.