Mantenna - Friday, February 12

February 12, 2010

Jon Gosselin has a small penis, Dr. Dre sues Death Row records, and NBA All-Star weekend is apparently here...the Mantenna never sleeps!

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Everybody Agrees, Jon Gosselin has a Small Penis

According to two of Jon Gosselin’s former lovers, Gosselin is a short, short man. The man who fathered eight children apparently has a “three-inch penis.” Flame number one, Hailey Glassman, talked to Steppin Out magazine and said, “He was so small I didn't think he would cheat on me. He's hung like a nine-year-old boy.” She then said he’s “tiny, tiny, tiny.” According to Glassman, she would joke and laugh about Gosselin’s lack of package with her mother. Another of Gosselin’s flames agrees. Kate Major told Life and Style magazine, “I'm surprised he's so 'cocky' because down there he's not.” That’s got to hurt. Gosselin must be fuming, especially since he’s under a court order not to communicate with the press. [Huffington Post]

Gross: Khloe Kardashian Wants to Make a Sex Tape

Might Khloe Kardashian be following in her famous sister’s footsteps? The star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians can be seen talking about making a sex tape of this Sunday’s episode of the hit realtiy television show. Khloe is trying to thing of a gift for new husband, basketballer Lamar Odom, and the best she can come with is a solo sex tape. Gross. Khloe stated: “Like a solo sex tape, like masturbation...It could be like this,” as she held out one hand like she was holding a camera and the other covering her eyes. She added, “You know, I kind of like the idea of a sexy little video. I could be naughty.” Yuck. [Amy Grindhouse]

Kate Winslet Goes to HBO

Director Todd Haynes will be bringing James M. Cain’s novel Mildred Pierce to the small screen on HBO in a new miniseries. The series will star Kate Winslet and will likely include much more of the racier material that was cut from the 1945 movie adaptation that got Joan Crawford an Oscar. Expect this one to have lots more sex in it. [/Film]

Unblinking Eye Takes in Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the guy who played The Comedian in Watchmen, has signed on to the new thriller The Unblinking Eye, to be directed by Michael Bassett. The story follows a detective who, after surviving an attack from a serial killer, gets stalked by a reporter. Looks like Morgan’s going to have his plate full of offers these days. [Hollywood Reporter]

Dr. Dre Sues Death Row Records


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Dr. Dre has sued Death Row Records over his album The Chronic and is claiming he is due royalties for the record because it was reissued without his permission. Dre filed the suit for around $75,000 yesterday in federal court in Los Angeles. He claimed that he has not been paid royalties on the 1992 album since he left the label in 1996 and that the 2009 reissue The Chronic: Re-Lit was issued without his consent. Get yo money, Dre! [Billboard]

NBA All-Star Weekend is Apparently Here

Despite limited fan interest and zero compelling storylines, the NBA All-Star festivities kick off this weekend with four young players you've probably never heard of entering a slam dunk contest that has lost its relevancy, followed by a 48-minute scrimmage featuring zero defense and a questionable selection of starters. The only thing it doesn't have is the bitter attitude of Sports Editor David Breitman who, despite temper tantrums stating otherwise, will eventually watch the game. [ESPN]

Frisbee Inventor Goes to the Big Park in the Sky

Fred Morrison didn't cure a disease, go to the moon, or invent some high-tech gadget. But he made many of our lives just a bit happier with a simple toy called the Frisbee that prompted dreams of flying saucers and sparked intramural games. According to his son, "old age caught up" with Morrison as he dealt with a battle against cancer. Yet somehow, this remark appears to be the only sad line in Morrison's obituary. Rest in peace...on someone's roof, or in a tree, sweet prince. [Yahoo!]

LG Launching iTunes Competitor This Spring?

LG isn't dishing out many details about this one just yet, but company exec KW Kim (head of LG's Middle East and Africa Operations) has told Emirates Business that LG will soon be launching a product "maybe by April" that "will compete with Apple and Amazon." And, well, that's about it. In other LG news, Kim also dropped word that the company is talking with Etisalat about a new line of "notebooks" (possibly netbooks) that would use "Google's operating system," although it's not clear if he was referring to Chrome or Android. [Business]

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