FREE Deadliest Warrior Game Update Coming!

July 23, 2010

The makers of Deadliest Warrior: The Game have heard the users' feedback. Don't believe us? Check out the upcoming updates they'll be dishing out in the next few weeks.Thank you for all the great feedback on the site.  We have been collecting as much feedback as possible and have taken almost all recommendations and tested them out for optimum balance. We plan to release a title update within the next few weeks. Why so long? Because it will take us a week to test it and it will take Microsoft 2 weeks to run their QA on it.  Rest assured we are working on fixing your grievances.  Here is some of what to expect:

  • RAGE QUITTERS WILL BE PENALIZED. We know this is huge. It will be fixed.
  • Poison alone won't be enough to kill you, you will need to supplement with attacks.
  • The Viking Double Spear will be easier to anticipate.
  • Heavy armor will be more effective.
  • Knight can now dodge out of stagger.
  • You wont be able to spam Black Eggs and Grenados. They are still un-blockable and still infinite, but stamina penalties will increase.
  • Stamina won't recharge while dodging.
  • Samurai Yumi will be more effective.
  • Quick match will actually be quick!
  • After an online battle you will return to the online battle screen and not the main screen.
  • Player connection speeds will be displayed in the lobbies.

We will also be fixing a bunch of frame rate, animation and other bugs.

Thanks for your support of this game, we are working on making it better! Stay tuned for a DLC announcement.

-Spike Games.