Mantenna – Bar Refaeli Breaks Her Perfect Arm

June 17, 2011
Bar Refaeli breaks her perfect arm, Kelsey Grammer gets hacked, and Rebecca Black's “Friday” gets yanked from YouTube…the Mantenna is deep like The Shining.

Bar Refaeli Breaks Her Perfect Arm

Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

It’s official, guys. One the sexiest arms on the planet has sadly been broken. In a post on her Twitter page today, sexy supermodel Bar Refaeli announced to friends and fans the world over that she had indeed broken her beautiful arm. Bar Tweeted: "I broke my arm. And I'm annoyed! Booooooo." There’s no real word as to how or why it was broken, but needless to say, dudes worldwide are obviously heartbroken over the extremely tragic news. Get better soon, Bar! [Twitter]

Kelsey Grammer Hacked

For the record, Kelsey Grammer does not think his ex-wife Camille “smells like beef jerky” and he did not send out an email saying so. No, the Frasier star says his email account was hacked and the rude email slamming his ex-wife was sent out to friends and business contacts by a naughty hacker. The email was titled “Camille smells like beef jerkey [sic]. Goodnight.” On discovering the jerky-themed email Grammer quickly sent out a follow-up email explaining his email account had been compromised. Grammer wrote the email was sent without his “knowledge, consent or authority.” He admitted the email account was officially his, but stated it was a shared account and others had access to it. He wrote, “May I suggest that it is 'they' who owe you an apology.” Yeah, like hackers apologize. Grammer has since shut down the offending email account. [E! News]

Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Yanked from YouTube

Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images

In some of the most surprisingly awesome news to ever hit the ol’ Internets, it’s being reported that the music video for Rebecca Black’s annoying-yet-addictive viral smash "Friday" has been officially taken down off of YouTube. Unfortunately for her teeny fans, if you try to view the video you’ll get a message telling you that it "is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black." Apparently it was Black's team who actually delivered the takedown notice to the video site because of a beef with Ark Music Factory, the company that was paid $4,000 by Rebecca Black's parents to put together the now-notorious song and video. To make matter worse, the firm actually began charging viewers $2.99 to watch the video in its entirety earlier in the week. Speechless. [Huffington Post]

Man’s Urination Proves Costly

A security video of a 21-year-old man urinating into the Mount Tabor water reservoir has proven costly after officials decided to drain the entire reservoir following the event. For those of you not from around that area, the water reservoir provides Portland with the majority of its drinking water. The Portland Water Bureau announced that 7.8 million gallons of drinking water will be released from the reservoir at a cost of $36,000. The decision was not taken lightly, with David Shaff of the Portland Water Bureau saying, “Do you want to drink pee?” Toxicology experts have slammed the costly decision and deemed it unwarranted. Dave Stone, an assistant professor in toxicology at Oregon State University said, “It's inappropriate behavior. But how many animals are doing that or birds? I don't want to second-guess the city, but I can't think of anything chemically that would have me be concerned.” When asked why he peed into the city’s drinking water supply, the man said he didn’t mean to be disrespectful. He thought the reservoir was a sewage treatment plant. That might say something about the quality of Portland’s water. [Oregon Live]