Mantenna - Thursday, February 11

February 11, 2010

Anna Torv gets topless, Terminator parts 5 and 6 could be a comin', and Lil Wayne shoots nine videos in one week...the Mantenna is as American as apple pie!

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Anna Torv Goes Topless

In a new batch of photos in Esquire, sexy Fringe actress Anna Torv takes most of her clothes off. And it is a holy sight to behold. This girl is ridiculously hot, and she apparently gets even hotter when she takes her shirt off and walks around in long johns. Perhaps they should incorporate her being topless into the show, if only to make it watchable. [Egotastic]

Roland Emmerich and Isaac Asimov

Director Roland Emmerich (2012, Independence Day) is going to adapt the Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov, and he’s going to use the same 3D and motion-capture technologies that James Cameron used in Avatar. Emmerich stated, “It has to be done all CG because I would not know how to shoot this thing in real.” We don’t doubt that. [MTV]

Terminator Writer Has Ideas for Parts 5 and 6

William Wisher, the guy who helped writer Terminator 1 and 2, is jumping back into the mix with treatments for the next two Terminator movies. It’s been so long since we’ve seen anything even resembling a decent Terminator movie that it would be really refreshing to have the guy who helped make the first two such great films help bring the franchise back to life. His ideas include bringing Sarah Connor back to life and interacting more with Kyle Reese. This could be really cool – just as long as McG stays far, far away. [Dead Line]

Jessica Simpson is Unhappy with John Mayer's Playboy Comments

After finding out about John Mayer's now-infamous Playboy interview, it seems that Jessica Simpson is not too happy about the comments made about their sex life and that Mayer referred to her as "a drug." Jessica recently took to her Twitter page to vent and tweeted: "interesting day so far...hmm. at least i am boxing 2-a-days this week." Nice to know she’s ready to sock Mayer in the jaw if they ever come face to face again. [Twitter]

Lil Wayne Shoots Nine Videos in One Week


Source: Dario Cantatore/Getty Images Entertainment

It’s being reported that Lil Wayne has made nine music videos in under a week. Weezy worked with director David Rousseau to make the numerous promo clips before starting his imminent prison sentence. "We shot some s**t from the We Are Young Money compilation album, we shot something from [Wayne's forthcoming] Tha Carter IV and some stuff from [Wayne's new album] Rebirth," Rousseau told MTV News. I’m just surprised Wayne could do all of this with a cracked tooth. [MTV]

25 Great Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers really do say a lot about the driver. Even before reading one, you know they're a sad excuse for a human being. Or at least that's what the folks at CollegeHumor say. All we want to know is where the hell we can get a Little Lebowski Urban Achiever. [CollegeHumor]

Study Finds Half of Phone Breakups Done Via Texting

It's an admittedly small sample size from a start-up social network, but even so: that's ice cold. MocoSpace surveyed 20,000 of its 10.3 million members, and found that SMS is the weapon of choice for 47% of phone break-ups. Other disheartening statistics gleaned from the study: a third of MocoSpace users have used their phone to flirt with someone else while on a date, and 57% have used their phone to end a relationship. Stay classy, MocoSpace user base! [TechCrunch]

Apple Working With Hulu for Compatibility by iPad's Launch

TechCrunch is reporting that an iPad-friendly version of Hulu is in the works, and may be ready in time for the tablet's launch. The bad news is that the rumor has pretty vague "industry insider" sourcing. The good news is that the move would make perfect sense for Hulu, especially given that they've reportedly already had an iPhone app in the works for some time. Additionally, all of Hulu's videos are already encoded in H.264, which is supported by Quicktime and Safari, meaning Hulu could simply have its videos open in Quicktime (since the iPad and iPhone don't support Flash). Or, more likely, they could build a custom app with its own player. Guess we'll have to wait and see. [TechCrunch]

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