Head2Head - Last Week's All Stars

July 20, 2009

What an All Star week! Not only did The American League win the Major League All Star Game for the 12th time in 13 years but our favorite lagoon legend SpongeBob celebrated his tenth anniversary on the tube! And with a decade of dominance like that, we had to give some bros-in-the-know the chance to soak up some Bob-inspired cash.

The result? One sore loser (we're lookin' at you Justin "The Headset Tosser" Bryan) and two $500 grand prize winners: Hockey-lover Josh from Cali and new daddy Jason from Minnesota. We're sure that $500 will pay for a lot of diapers...and maybe he can send a couple over to crybaby Justin. Burn!


But that was just the start of the All Star week here on H2H. Our "slap yo' mamma in the face, she's so hot" host Callie wasn't finished flashing the cash: On Wednesday, Humpday star Joshua Leonard was on hand to witness web designer Nick bank $500 -- not to mention watch his opponent confuse Jenna Jameson for Ron Jeremy -- Dude, there's only one "Hedgehog" and he looks nothing like Jenna!... And you call yourself a man! (Deep breaths, in with the good, out with the bad...)

Then on Thursday, Callie and her Extra cool co-host, Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath, awarded gamer geek Derreck half a G to spend on... you guessed it, more video games... And of course Sugar Ray's new album Music for Cougars is on shelves now!

[video]3207376 [/video]


So, who needs a boring Home Run Derby when you have Head2Head breakin' the bank every Monday through Thursday night at midnight, right here on Spike!

And if you want to play with Callie, register here.