'Twilight' Actress to Play Joan Jett In Runaways Biopic

December 3, 2008

Fresh off the success of the vampire flick Twilight, sexy starlet Kristen Stewart is set to portray Joan Jett in The Runaways, the rock 'n' roll biopic of the influential 1970s all-girl band.

Here's a lil' info on The Runaways Via MTV:

The first successful all-girl rock band (there were plenty of Motown-like girl groups in the 1960s and bands with female singers like Jefferson Airplane, but none who were all female and who rocked) formed when the five original members were still teenagers in 1975.

Though often pegged as a creation of Svengali Kim Fowley — who insisted that the band have a perv-magnet jailbait image and who initially took credit for putting them together and creating their sound — the group came together on its own in late 1975 with a lineup that included guitarist Jett, late drummer Sandy West, singer Cherie Currie, bassist Micki Steele and guitarist Lita Ford. With their combination of leather-and-lace outfits and a sound that mixed loud, fast, proto-punk riffs with dollops of Aerosmith-like metal and a sneery attitude, the group was mostly written off during its time as a publicity gimmick by the loathsome manager/promoter Fowley.

Here's Joan doin' her thing...