Jay-Z Owns Noel Gallagher

June 30, 2008


Saturday evening Jay-Z kicked off his Glastonbury headline set with a clever final word in his ongoing Oasis feud.

The choice of Jay-Z to perform on the main stage at a festival best known for its rock acts was widely criticized, and Oasis' Noel Gallagher spit shots at Jigga by saying the organizers were wrong to pick him. Damn son.

Jay-Z responded by opening his show with a film parodying Gallagher's now infamous comments, before launching into an acoustic rendition of one of Oasis's biggest hits, "Wonderwall." The crowd went bananas.

His performance will go down in Glastonbury history," wrote the Independent in a review of the festival.  It’s actually pretty amazing to see that Jay was able to play a show like this in front of some of the most loyal rock fans in the world and completely win them over. The sheer fact that he poked fun at one of Britan’s biggest bands and didn’t get booed of stage is nothing short of amazing. What’s next for Jay-Z? Maybe he’ll head over to Sweden for the Metaltown Festival and win over a few feisty metalheads.