Robert Wright - Loner Creator

January 31, 2010

Since the release of the first three episodes, I have been humbled by the response to the series and the support for what I am trying to do with this independent series. Trying to tell any story is tough whether on paper, film or in my case computer animation. I conceived Loner as an epic journey that would develop from the sci-fi action shows and films I grew up with like Flash Gordon, Star Wars, Blade Runner and Star Trek to name a few. Now I aspire to engage with good writing an audience that enjoy character driven plots with an arc story that connects the entire series. 


The ambition I have for Loner is massive, based on an orginally conceived story about one woman's journey to develop a power from a genetically engineered 'Face' to cure a diseased human race. As well as one man's destiny to become a hero and save the human race from a great alien evil intent on slavery. With this premise I took the decision to make the series myself without help or funding to showcase that a show like this can be done even on a small scale and gain a fanbase strong enough to capture the attention of networks and distribution companies. 


I have had no rest for three years trying to get this series made and released. I have been lucky in the team I have gathered around me and am positive about the future now that the series is getting its full monthly release. Sometimes I question my choice to undertake this venture, but fortunately it does not last long. Especially when I read and see the responses to the show which have been positive. We will negate the negative ones - Creator's prerogative. 


So far the worldwide audience base of internet viewers have shown great interest in the LONER brand and yet we have only touched the surface of the millions of potential fans still to hear about and get into this CG series. LONER has no big budget, is a product no one has heard of, no crew or famous voice actors involved and yet it has broken through to begin forging its place amongst the internet community.





In 2007 I began to conjure what would become the Loner team based around my training on Maya, garnered from my time at the famous Escape Studios in Shepherd's Bush. I bought myself the latest BOXX machine, the latest Maya software and began to create the world of Loner from scratch.


Having made a short called Mo' Money, Mo, problems, I met and worked with a composer named Guy Avern who is in a cool band I really like called the RUDE MECHANICALS. Having discussed this simple animation he agreed to write the music for it, which was great, however I knew that this was a test run. The idea of Loner was too big and too far off to begin yet, but in Guy's music and alternative sound I knew he would create the score which would match the visual stories I wanted to tell in this sci-fi world.


The next major key to this production has to be meeting John Pavlakos, who is Scotty to my Kirk. John proved to be a wiz in sound engineering in both aiding me in directing and recording the voice actors, mixing all the songs that feature in the Loner series and of course producing foley for every episode. It is without doubt that this show would not happen if John was not willing and enthusiastic to become a part of this project and he will always have my gratitude. It is for this reason that I brought John in as associate producer.


I always knew that this show would begin with one series of ten episodes, which soon turned into eleven. I had intended to write all eleven, but it soon dawned on me that the opportunity to collaborate with another writer on at least two episodes would be a fun thing to do. It was again my luck to meet Colin Johnson who I was able to talk in-depth about the Loner characters and the world they inhabited. It was in these discussions that I soon realised Colin understood the story I wanted to tell completely. That is why I commissioned him to write two episodes and invited him to come on board as creative consultant to which he has been fantastic, particularly in the development of the villian Sa'car.


Tobias Silvester was the nicest surprise as he is a musician whose music I immediately liked and greatly admired when I first heard it. It was a no-brainer that I wanted him to write songs for the soundtrcak as well as for the series itself which would be a nice juxtaposition compared to the musical style of Guy Avern. I saw Tobias with his group THE ZETLAND PLAYERS in London and even more knew this was the man who could express the feelings and emotions of these characters beyond the dialogue written for them. Tobias's music is a channel for this series in reminding audiences of where these characters are in the series and where they must go to achieve their own destinies both good and bad.


The actors of course were the next major stage and I would like to thank all of them for their hard work and talent in producing the voices of these CG characters in a very short period of time and amidst a busy time in their young exciting lives. All the principal leads gave something original to their characters and brought them to life in ways I had not even designed which made the entire process enjoyable and at times very educational. Arrindale Jordan, Kaitlin Storm Irving, Reiss Andrew, Shane Patrick Iaonnou and Kaylee Bradley are without doubt the voices of this show and for me the heart of these characters.


The animating of this show has taken much from me including finance, girlfriends, friends and anything resembling a life. However the need to model many characters, beautiful worlds and animate these CG characters to life was always going to take much from me and it has indeed been worth it. The experience of working with this great crew has been awe inspiring and having watched the first episodes, which I fondly refer to as 'the film' is a testament to the hard work and love that have gone into creating this series. I can only hope that Loner gives the viewer an exciting new innovation of story telling in the brave new world that is the world wide web. 




I have watched films so far this last year like Star Trek (which I thought was fantastic) and look forward to the future for sci-fi and fantasy as a medium that can be more than a cult genre, but lead out to the mainstream without losing its integrity. I have seen JAMES CAMERON'S AVATAR and was blown away with this venture in film making and storytelling. It is this level of skill and ambition that I strive for in the future of Loner and the great heights I aspire for it.


It is for this reason I humbly introduce 'LONER', a computer generated series to be independently produced for internet downloading for the world to enjoy. It is with your support and faith that this series will grow and become more than its beginnings. This show belongs to you now and as the mantra goes in this show - GET READY, TO STAND ALONE. 


Catch you later folks!


Robert James Wright