3Riple Threat (Pronounced Triple Threat)

July 28, 2009



3Riple Threat

(Pronounced Triple Threat)

3Riple Threat consist of rapper’s J-Bezy (aka Problem Child), Trill Trell (aka Trigger Trell) and music producer extraordinaire Shaun Hernandez (aka Mr. Creashaun). With their inaugural album “3Riple Threat” as their first release they have put together 3 hot singles, 1) To get the streets hot, 2) Club banger and 3) One for the ladies.

3Riple Threat has been molded around Jeremy Brazil aka “J-Bezy”. We got J-Bezy at the age of 17 and for three years we have been branding of his voice and image. J-Bezy’s performances on stage and in the studio have shown us that he is the one with the star quality his name pops up on the front page of every search engine. He has performed in front of a crowd of 1 to 30,000, with the urban crowd and in suburbia and the performances was executed the same and the  responds from the audience was great. Bezy at the age of 20 music can be found on Bezy on Billboard under the group “The Deele” discography single 2009 “The Only One Remix” where Bezy will be tied to the Platinum and Grammy award winning group forever. Also Bezy was featured on a single with DRE from Bad Boys making of the band, he’s on the I-35 Corridor with the Game, he’s on mix cd’s for Bad Boy South/Block Ent Hood 2 Hood with Youn Joc, Young Jezy, Gorilla Zoe.

Now lets talk about the magical voice of Trill Trell (aka Trigger Trell) he has the ability to make you stop in your tracks when you hear him rap. Trells energy level on stage demand attention where he grabs it and maintain it through out the show. Now let’s talk about Music producer Shaun Hernandez (Aka Mr. Creashaun) the next Jazzy Fay put together some of the hottest tracks we have heard in the industry to date. Shaun is a graduate of Full Sail University where he received his


Bachelor of Science, majoring in Music Business.