Truck Crashes Through Top Floor, Narrowly Avoids Hitting the Street

August 18, 2011

So, think you've had a bad day at work? Loud boss? Annoying coworkers? Boring projects? Be thankful you're not Robert Legall.

Why? Because he lost control of a salt-spreader truck while driving it into the repair bay of the Queens Department of Sanitation. This raises a question: who the heck puts a truck repair bay on the top floor? Regardless, Legall crashed through a concrete wall and three quarters of the truck wound up sticking out of the building, while Legall only stayed alive by clinging to the steering wheel after nearly being chucked out the windshield.

Amazingly, despite huge chunks of concrete smashing into the sidewalk, nobody was actually hurt. Legall was rescued by a cherry picker and, not unreasonably, immediately passed out once he was safe.

The truck might be there for a while, because, weighing 16 tons, it requires a heavy crane to pull it out. So there might be some interesting sights in Queens for a while.

Source: NY Post