Mantenna - David Stern Cancels Start of NBA Season

October 11, 2011
Commissioner David Stern cancels the start of the NBA season, Russians claim yetis exist to sucker in tourists, and Tony Bennett gets a look at Lady Gaga in her birthday suit…the Mantenna is sittin’ on chrome!

Commissioner David Stern Cancels Start of NBA Season

Photo: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images Sport

Earlier today, NBA commissioner David Stern announced to the world that the first two weeks of the new season will be canceled. After the owners and NBA Players' Association failed to reach a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement for a second straight day of talks in New York, the parties involved seemed to still be at odds with each other after it was all said and done. Stern said to the press following the event that the two sides are "very, very apart on all issues” and they “can't close the gap." Stern went on to tell everyone that more time will be wasted if the lockout continues. "With every day that goes by, there will be further reductions on what's left of the season," Stern said. This doesn’t look good, guys. More to come… [ESPN]

Now In the UK, You Have to "Opt-In" For Internet Porn

Oh, Britain! With your video cameras everywhere and your censorship boards, you're so wacky. And now you're actually kind of depressing. Why? Because you actually agreed to create an "opt-in" for Internet porn. The idea is, of course, to keep kids away from porno, because kids are terrible with technology and won't figure out how to change the settings. Needless to say, the real idea behind this is to improve Britain's moral since this will kind of assemble a list of everybody willing to admit looking at Internet porn, and we're assuming shaming them comes next. You know, because the sexual urge is dirty and wrong, and spying on people's personal habits isn't. [The Guardian]

Tony Bennett Saw Lady Gaga Naked

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment

During the recording of their recent duet of the classic “The Lady Is A Tramp” for the new Duets II LP, Tony Bennett got to see a little more of his recording partner Lady Gaga than he bargained for. While in the studio, Lady Gaga took some time out of recording with Bennett to throw down a nude photoshoot with famed photographer Annie Leibovitz for an upcoming issue if Vanity Fair. “I just shot a spread for Vanity Fair in America and Annie Leibovitz shot me and she wanted me to be naked of course,” Lady G recently told British TV host Jonathan Ross. “I was in Tony’s studio and I walked in and she was like: ‘I want you to be naked,’ so I took my robe off and lay down and poor Tony was standing there looking at me like: ‘Oh this f***ing girl’.” Indeed [Billboard]

Russians Claim Yetis Exist to Sucker In Tourists

Normally, claiming some big hairy guy is living in the local woods and urinating everywhere is a great way to get tourists to stay far, far away. But don't tell the Russians that! They're trying to get somebody, anybody, to come to Siberia and see the yetis that are, like, totally there! Yep, a town in Siberia is claiming to have proof yetis exist. This doesn't actually extend to having an actual yeti to show people, but they found some hair! And a nest! And, uh, "territorial markers"! That proves it! Boy, that should really bring in the tourists! Who doesn't want to visit Siberia and wander around the woods looking for a potentially dangerous man-ape for a few weeks? [Telegraph]