Maserati's Newest Car Is An... SUV?!?

July 27, 2011
A car like this is bound to turn a lot of heads. Unfortunately, it's more of a "WTF?" cranium spin than a "Damn, that's hot" noggin rotation.

Maserati, the high end car manufacturer for drivers who have more money to afford insurance premiums that are usually reserved for fighter jets and Billy Joel's driving record, announced they are putting their first sport utility vehicle on the market. It will make its first public appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

So far, it's only a concept car and not a lot is even known about what's under the hood of this strange concoction of suburban and luxury driving. The only thing we do know is its being based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee and it will come with a choice of a V8 and V12 engine. Earlier reports claimed the SUV was being built with a standard Ferrari-sourced engine, but those reports were dismissed since such a thing would be too awesome for reality to handle.

Photo: Maserati