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Idris Elba Jumps Onboard the Thor Wagon

by nathanbloch   November 20, 2009 at 2:51PM  |  Views: 45

Director Kenneth Branagh has put together a pretty impressive cast for his movie adaptation of Thor, and now he's adding one more impressive actor. Idris Elba -- Stringer Bell from The Wire -- is joining the film, and he's going to have an awesome part to play.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Elba is going to play Heimdall:

Chris Hemsworth will star as Thor; Tom Hiddleston will play Loki, and Natalie Portman is the love interest Jane Foster.

Elba will play Heimdall; as the guardian of Asgard, he stands on the BiFrost Bridge ready to defend the city from intruders.

Shooting is due to begin in mid-January in Manhattan Beach, California.

When you actually sit down and try to imagine how this movie is going to play out, it's strange to think of this comic series getting adapted to the big screen. Thor doesn't necessarily have the biggest fanbase, and it's not as modern and hip as, say, Batman or Spider-Man.

But what it lacks in modernity and hipness it's more than making up for with it's tenured cast. Between Portman and Elba, we're going to have a pretty cool film one way or another.

This thing might even make Batman blush.

Source: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images