New e-Book Teaches You to Cook Balls

October 2, 2008

Online publishers YUDU have an e-book launching today that teaches you all the wonderful ways to eat balls.  Unlike most of the internet, though, this ball-in-mouth content is purely culinary.

Written by Serbian chef Ljubomir Erovic, it is the artistic shrapnel exploding from the annual competition, and pride of Serbia, the World Testical Cooking Championship.

Here’s a great quote from their site regarding their challenge to what appears to be their mortal, ball cooking enemies: the Australians. 

The Australians – cowards!  Even though they announced ther participation, the Australian cooks didn’t come to the "battle fiield" [sic] to compete with Serbian cooks, where they should have prepared kangaroo testicle specialties.

Take that, continent of Australia!  When Ljubomir Erovic goes after you, you better believe that dude'll hit you where it counts.